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The following is a list of Achievements which the player can obtain in The Blackout Club (game). There are 14 achievements that can be earned by players through completing the Prologue and missions.

List of Achievements[edit | edit source]

Fashion Plate[edit | edit source]

FashionPlate Icon.jpg Change your look after a mission.

After you complete a mission, interact with the wardrobe in the Hideout, then save and exit your customizations to earn the achievement.

My Hero![edit | edit source]

MyHero Icon.jpg Revived a suppressed teammate.

When a player is grabbed by The Shape or wanders into a sonic fence, they will not be in control of their movements because their mind is not their own. Hold Controls / Controls / Controls on this teammate to revive them and earn the achievement.

Look At Me![edit | edit source]

LookAtMe Icon.jpg Showed another player your gesture during a mission.

During a mission, hold B / Controls / Controls and select a gesture while standing in front of another player. You will need to wait for the gesture to finish its animation for the achievement to unlock. The gestures Kneel' and I'm Hot that wait on player-input to end will not unlock the achievement.

Not A Doctor[edit | edit source]

NotADoctor Icon.jpg Bandaged a teammate.

Find a bandage in one of the supply crates during a mission (or have one from the Medic Minor Power) and use it on an injured teammate by holding Controls / Controls / Controls near the player.

True Power[edit | edit source]

TruePower Icon.jpg Maxed out a major power ladder.

Max out one of the four Major Powers in The Deck. The soonest this can be completed is at Level 10 for Takedown, and Level 15 for the other three Major Powers.

The Disappearance[edit | edit source]

TheDisappearance Icon.jpg Finished the Intro.

Complete the Prologue, accessed through the Hideout.

List of Hidden Achievements[edit | edit source]

Warning: Unlockable Content Spoilers
This section contains details about content players can unlock and discover in-game.

Winning Streak (Hidden)[edit | edit source]

WinningStreak Icon.jpg You know how to play this game.

Complete several missions without fail to unlock this achievement.

Ashes to Ashes (Hidden)[edit | edit source]

AshesToAshes Icon.jpg Made the maximum sacrifice.

Sacrifice your character at Level 20.

Beat It, Kid! (Hidden)[edit | edit source]

BeatItKid Icon.jpg Captured a Stalker.

When the host is at least Level 5 (when stalkers are able to invade your mission if they've opted-in to the experience), successfully capture a stalker. Only the player who catches the stalker will unlock this achievement.

Now You've Done It (Hidden)[edit | edit source]

NowYouveDoneIt Icon.jpg Trigger the Shape's "Angel" Mode.

When the host is at least Level 6, this achievement will unlock when The Shape transforms into its "Angel" mode. This achievement is awarded to all players in the mission.

Believer (Hidden)[edit | edit source]

Believer Icon.jpg Submit a prayer.

Obtain the ritual item Light of Rebellion from a reward crate. After obtaining a Light of Rebellion, submit a prayer/ritual at the altar.

Cultural Collaborator(Hidden)[edit | edit source]

CulturalCollaborator Icon.jpg You wear immersive sims like a badge.

At any point during the game - whether in missions or in the Hideout - type "0451" to unlock the achievement. Note: This is a reference to the achievement of Question's previous game, The Magic Circle, obtained the same way. "0451" is a shorthand reference to games in the 'Immersive Sim' genre or games inspired by Looking Glass or Ion Storm studio titles, where the code is often used as an early-game pass-code. It is originally a reference to the novel Fahrenheit 451.

Monkeywrench (Hidden)[edit | edit source]

Monkeywrench Icon.jpg Got 500 points as a Stalker within a single mission.

Invade a game as a Stalker and record 500 points of evidence against the TBC members.

... But Not Forgotten (Hidden)[edit | edit source]

ButNotForgotten Icon.jpg Killed by the Shape.

Be grabbed by the Shape three times in a mission. This requires at least one other player in the mission who can revive you. The achievement is unlocked when the Shape grabs you the third time when you are killed.