Chosen Shirt

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Chosen Shirt
Chosen Shirt
Color-scrolling glow

The Chosen Shirt is a special item that can be earned in some interactions with a Voice during a mission.

Description[edit | edit source]

The Chosen Shirt is blue and grey shirt that with a glowing thumbprint-like mark on the front and the glowing word "CHOSEN" on the back. The colors change in sync with the Halo and can be equipped in the Wardrobe in the Tops category.

Chosen Shirts are awarded to players who are slated to become the Hosts of a particular Voice. They can be granted directly after an interaction with a Voice or at a later time. Players have also received Chosen Shirts without having met their particular Voice before. Only one Voice may chose a player at a time as it is not possible for a person to host more than one Voice when they come of age. Players can lose their Chosen status with a Voice but the Chosen Shirt will remain in their wardrobe.

Despite its emanating glow, the Chosen Shirt is not visible to Lucids or The Shape. Players can wear the Chosen Shirt without fear that it will compromise their ability to remain hidden from AI, but Stalkers will still be able to see the glow.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The first Chosen Shirts were given to players during the Early Access as early as November 2018.

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