Contraband Lockers

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Contraband Lockers
Contraband Lockers

Contraband Lockers are special items found in missions.

Description[edit | edit source]

Contraband lockers are items players can utilize to purchase important field items while in the guts of the Maze with their collection of Snacks. The Contraband Lockers are tall structures made from red and gray metal. Four lockers exist on the front containing four types of field items with the items' icons. Around each item's icon are the words "CLEANSE PURGE ABSOLVE"; these are the same words found on trash pile mats though the word "DISPOSE" is missing. On one side of the Contraband Locker is a pad of paper held up by two metal rings with various slots underneath; the opposite side has what appears to be a mailbox.

If an item is obtained at a Contraband Locker, the player will need to find another Contraband Locker if they wish to acquire the same item again. The equivalent of the Contraband Lockers on the surface are the Firework Stations which provide the same items at the same cost.

Though not for their intended use, Contraband Lockers are climbable and can also be used to access higher elevations by climbing on top of the locker, particularly in areas like Film Archives or String Relay B.

Locations[edit | edit source]

Usage[edit | edit source]

Only one player needs to trade snacks to make the item accessible to all players in the mission. Each club member in the mission will be able to acquire the unlocked item even if they did not purchase it. Upon approaching the Contraband Locker, the player will see their current snack total and the trade value of the item.

Players can acquire the following items from each Contraband Locker:

Item Name Trade Value
Energy Bar 30 Snacks
Bandage 30 Snacks
Flash Bang 30 Snacks
Tranq Dart 50 Snacks

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Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Contraband Lockers replaced the original cages that existed in the game since the first beta round in August 2018 (until May 2019). These cages would sometimes hold the tied-up kid and allow players to access higher elevations. Not every cage location was replaced with a Contraband Locker.
  • The player will receive texts by the TBC suppliers sending them the codes to the lockers, confirming the deal and some of them asking for what kind of snacks they would like in return for their sent code.