Cryptogram Library

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Cryptogram Library
Cryptogram Library
Red Doors
Level Unlocked

Cryptogram Library is a location in the Maze.

Description[edit | edit source]

The Cryptogram Library is a large, tall room in the Maze. It is stacked to the ceiling with cryptograms on the wall and a ladder that allows access to the metal pathways high up. One side of the room is lit by blue light while the other is lit by red light. Parts of the floor are covered by red carpet. There is a notable spiral staircase that allows access to two hanging rooms which often house a Supply Crate. The Cryptogram Library can be accessed through Instrument Supply through a walkway connected to the center spiral staircase. The library can also be accessed through hallways on each side of the room which lead from forks, splitting to different areas: Subliminal Media and the Arches on one side and 920 Observation and the Elevator (Lower West Hoadly) on the other. The room also connects to New Growth and the Sleeper Lockers from one of the high catwalks, but a player cannot enter the library from New Growth without a Grappling Hook.

There is one Red Door in the library on the side entrance coming from 920 Observation and the Elevator (West Hoadly). Though not formally in the room, there is also a Red Door located directly in the entrance of the Hallway leading to the Arches and Subliminal Media.

Notable Finds[edit | edit source]

Name Fragments[edit | edit source]

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CryptogramLibrary BlueCeiling Fragment.png
CryptogramLibrary BlueWall Fragment.png
CryptogramLibrary ISConnection Fragment.png
CryptogramLibrary RedWall Fragment.png
Blue Side (Ceiling) Blue Side (Wall) Instrument Supply Connection Red Side

Cursed Ciphers[edit | edit source]

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CursedCipher CryptoLibrary.jpg
Red side, on upper walkway

Gallery[edit | edit source]

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"Cameras, y'all!"
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