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Alive (? - Nov. 9, 2019)
Dead (Nov. 9, 2019 - Present)
Past Name(s)
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DANCE-FOR-US was one of the Voices in The Blackout Club (game).


I guess it wants thrills... woke up still buzzed or... eyes like black holes. Bite marks all over me. But yo, I had like two grand in my gym shorts?
~ S.C. Ryder on Sacrifice Quote

DANCE-FOR-US, also known by her acronym DFU, seems to represent the idea of dancing and music. She was able to receive sacrifices and Light of Rebellions before her death.

DANCE-FOR-US has responded to Rituals and in these responses has shed insight into what is happening in Redacre, with the other Voices, and the sleepwalking adults. In this Recalled Dream, she tells the player "Our parents are trying to control everything, just like yours. But we need your help. You have to pray... Pray to us..."[1].

DFU is often associated with dance and revelry. According to THEE-I-DARE, she uses it as a "ward against fear."[2]

DFU has been known to possess children to make them dance, noted by CHORUS in the journal, Dancing Sickness. DFU has also apparently drawn the attention of SPEAK-AS-ONE and engages in mass prayer according to player interactions with fellow Voice, THEE-I-DARE[3]. A Steal mission objective requires players to set up a recording circle over DFU's icon before luring a Sleeper or Lucid into the recording circle. Once the enemy is in the circle, they begin to emote endlessly. Players must record several seconds of the enemy emoting, then the enemy kneels in the recording circle atop DFU's icon.


Before the Game

DFU was once known by the name DANCE-FOR-ME.[4] In the community Discord server, Nullspeak has said that during this era, humans "projected a god of more personal indulgence onto her." She was known for her appetite for pleasure, in any form. From this era, the Old Tongue gesture "DRINK THE SKY" emerged.

When her name changed to DANCE-FOR-US, SPEAK-AS-ONE believes it was a move meant to make her more appealing to humankind in modern day.


During the game's beta testing period (August-October 2018), DFU asked club members in dreams to pray to her and say her name three times. Enough players fulfilled her request, and she bestowed the "Gift Of Dance" gesture (a modified pirouette) to all players. New players receive this gesture through the Reward Crate in the hideout upon first loading up the game.

DANCE-FOR-US was devoured by HUNT-THE-STRONG on November 9th, 2019. According to HUNT-THE-STRONG, all of DFU's followers have been transferred to him as a result of this event.

Player Interactions

Players' reported experiences with DANCE-FOR-US in missions:

See: DANCE-FOR-US Interactions


DANCE-FOR-US has responded to some players' rituals, heard as dreams when returning to the Hideout after successfully completing a mission.

See: Recalled Dreams/DANCE-FOR-US


  • DFU once asked players to send music to her in rituals. Some of those who sent music received personal responses back.[5]
  • DFU has brought players to the "moon" during the Closed Beta.


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