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This page is to document interactions between the Voice, DIE-FOR-YOU and players after the launch of The Blackout Club (game).


Getting Chosen

Date of Interaction: August 13, 2019

Link to Interaction: Video of Interaction

Major Details:

  • Cassowary gets chosen
  • Cassowary asks DFY about TID being ill
  • DFY asks the group what they would all die for
  • He signs off by telling everyone to stay safe

DIE-FOR-YOU is Proud

Date of Interaction: September 6, 2019

Link to Interaction: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xldFbeP9icE

Major Details:

  • DFY shows up to tell Cassowary that he's proud.
  • Cass saved Amanes from the shape and a stalker.
  • DFY has officially teamed up with TID to save Redacre.
  • DFY's previous and current hosts have helped try to free Redacre.