Devin Esposito

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Devin Esposito
Personal Information
#918 Hoadly
Biological Information
Hair Color
Chiara Esposito (Younger Sister)

Harper Esposito (Mother)

Alberto Esposito (Father)

Devin Esposito is a character from The Blackout Club (game).

Personality[edit | edit source]

From their journals, Devin seems to be quite close to their mother, Harper and genuinely seems like a typical seventeen year-old teen. They are highly skeptical and frustrated of the events in the town and are "creeped out" by their sister Chiara. Devin is also non-binary and uses the pronouns "they/them".

Biography[edit | edit source]

Early Life[edit | edit source]

Sometime before the start of the game, Devin's mother had to attend rehab which left Devin to live with their younger sister, Chiara, and their father, Alberto, in #918 Hoadly. Devin's mother had suddenly skipped town and during this time, Devin also started noticing Chiara's strange behavior. Devin started recording this all in their diary and started to record transcripts they when speaking to their mother on the phone.

Devin also started befriending Bells, who they referred to as an "angry girl" and presumably started to discuss with their the things happening around town.

Game[edit | edit source]

It is unknown where Devin is currently, but their journals and texts can be found via finding Bonus Evidence during missions. They are also refered to as the person who transformed Maligras Quiroga's campaign signs into recruitment signs during a blackout.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Devin's sister, Chiara, is suspected to be a Lucid, both hinted in their diary and in a player interaction with SPEAK-AS-ONE.

References[edit | edit source]