Early Access Update 5

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Disambig.png This article is about updates for Early Access. For the Closed Beta updates, see Category:Closed Beta Updates. For Post-launch updates, see Category:Post-Launch Updates.

Early Access Update #5 is the fifth major update for The Blackout Club (game) in Early Access. It was released on January 19th, 2019.

Hotfix 5.4

  • Fix to crashes related to AI Navigation
  • Possible fix for getting stuck in permanent grapple, especially with the Shape (stuck with black screen)
  • Fix for players getting their customizations and powers reset upon experiencing a PlayFab connection error upon start
  • Fix for double-consumption of energy bars for visitors with bad pings
  • Fix for tranq dart arm being down in first person when primed for use
  • Fix for consumable items lingering after use

Hotfix 5.3

  • Crash fix when transitioning back to hideout from a mission
  • Optimizations and bug fix for intermittent hangs at the end of a mission
  • Updated Stalker Menu in the Hideout to remove the "Wins As Stalker" Leaderboard
  • Updated Stalker Menu in the Hideout to make clearer the role of stalker in the game (you're not expected to win like a versus mode in competitive games - just get a lot of points and cause mischief)
  • Changed Stalker's Mission Complete screen to not give a "success" or "failure" message, instead the focus is on your Stalker Score of the sins you recorded
  • Fixed Stalker UI for gamepad users when traveling through Red Doors to support the correct input glyphs.
    • The Top 10 on the "Stalkers Caught" and the "Stalker Score" and "Wins as Stalker" leaderboards will receive special items in their inventories.
    • Top 10 on the "Wins as Stalker" and "Total Stalker Score" Leaderboards will get a stalker unique item in their inventories.
    • The #1 players on the "Wins as Stalker" and "Total Stalker Score" Leaderboards get a unique item compared to the rest.
    • The Top 10 on the "Total Stalkers Caught" Leaderboard will get a unique item as well (different from what stalker leaderboards get)

Hotfix 5.2

  • Omit leaderboard entries for values of zero
  • Allow players with dossiers to enter the Stalker van regardless of level
  • Make sure stalkers do not show up on the Mission Start screen
  • Possible fix for crash reported by Rhiannon and MrMusicMan789
  • Only grant dossiers when the Stalker is captured or flees.
  • Give the capturing player the win if the Stalker disconnects during capture.
  • Possible fix for co-op kids seeing Stalker outline.
  • Prevent stalker from picking up quest items

Hotfix 5.1

  • Fix for leaning while crouched
  • Fix to maze entrance in 1005 Hoadly

Early Access Update #5

Gameplay Changes

  • Stalker mode available to the public
  • Leaderboards for Stalker Wins and Stalker Top Score
  • Getting suppressed will lead to death even if your last suppression was not from the Shape (to prevent exploits where a player jumps off a cliff to escape the Shape)


  • AIs will be less likely to crowd around ladders when chasing players
  • Improvements to AI mobility in instrument relay B
  • new UI for tips screens during load
  • Characters blink now, basic eye animations
  • Characters close eyes in game when players close eyes
  • New Eye animations for suppressed state and while being revived
  • Updated Energy Bar info in hideout
  • New female Pajama AI
  • new UI for reward items in hideout
  • Added name of item being looked at in customizations screen
  • Fixed bad projector location in dream therapy
  • fixed some issues with string damper placement that could block mission completion
  • Fixed the case where only 3 posters where spawned when 6 are required to complete a mission.
  • Fixed the First Fire's light not showing up when carried.
  • Fixed lobby privacy (public/friends-only) not updating when the option is changed in the menu.
  • Delay ability to shove when grapple starts to reduce the chance of accidental shoves
  • Longer grapple immunity when starting ladder/rope climb
  • Fix for spamming dev-looking names when The Shape's current target disconnects
  • Fix for AIs teleporting players if the player jumps on their back right before they travel through the red door
  • Allow interacting with world objects while jumping unless you are falling fast enough to have pending possible fall damage
  • Fixed camera popping through top of arches
  • FIxed security camera alert warmup sound to properly stop when the camera loses the player
  • fix for ai pathing blockage in Host Conditioning
  • Numerous fixes to character clothing rigging and weights
  • Fixes to first person hands when walking, crouching, running
  • Fixed mission complete count up audio to not go crazy when framerates are very high
  • Fix for wastebasket in prologue
  • Fix for sink audio in prologue kitchen
  • Fixes for getting stuck in wall in bathroom of 922
  • UI fixes to modal dialogues
  • Fixes to collision in the hideout
  • Fixed radius on lockpick interaction collision
  • Fixed collision in dream therapy that could lead to players getting stuck
  • Fixed collision in New Growth that could allow players into bad areas