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Welcome to the FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) page! Have a question that needs answering? Take a look below!

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Game FAQ

Questions in for The Blackout Club (game). These answers are copied directly from the developers. This can also be seen in the The Blackout Club's Official Discord and the game's FAQ page.

Q: What are the system requirements?

The system requirements can be found on the Steam Page.

Q: Is there going to be colorblind support?

Patches (developer) is colorblind, so we are trying to make sure nothing depends on that.

Q: What software is used to make The Blackout Club?

We are using the Unreal Engine, with some modifications.

Q: What stage of development is the game in?

On June 27, 2019, it was announced by Question LLC that full game (The Blackout Club) will be launching on July 30, 2019.

Q: What is The Blackout Club's age rating?

We are confirmed to have an ESRB-M rating and a PEGI-16 rating

ESRB - M [Sexual Themes, Blood, Drug Reference, Violence, Strong Language]
PEGI 16 [Violence, Bad Language]

Q: Will there be Local Multiplayer / Split Screen?

No, we will probably not be able to deliver that. You have to make a lot of sacrifices to do split-screen and we just don't have enough engineers/artists/time/money to support it.

Q: Are you using dedicated servers?

No, matches are hosted P2P since the game is co-op focused and we don't have the same concerns of a competitive game. The person who hosts the mission is also the host of the server, and has the ability to kick people from the session.

Q: Can I stream the game/monetize my videos playing the game?

You can find Question’s streamer policy here. (TL;DR: Yes. Thanks for checking us out!)

Q: How do I set my lobby to "Friends Only"?

You can change your session from Public to Friends-Only in System Menu -> Options -> Network Options.

You will also be prompted to set this when hosting a new session from the Mission Table menu in the Hideout.

Q: Where do I change language? What languages are supported?

The language options are in System Menu -> Options -> Gameplay.

Audio is English-Only, but we support subtitles and UI translations in French, German, Spanish, and Russian.

Q: What does Sacrificing do? How do I reset my character?

In the Hideout at the mirror in the ritual space, you will see the option to "Sacrifice". You will have to make a selection of which Voice to sacrifice to. When you sacrifice your character, you will be taken back to the Character Creation screen and your XP, Level, and Powers will reset. All of the XP that you gave up with your sacrifice will be added to a Leaderboard so you can see who has sacrificed the most XP so far. You will not lose your journal progress or clothing/gesture unlocks. You can use the customizations from the avatar you sacrificed on your new avatar right away. However, you will be a Level 1 character again, so this means you will need to unlock your powers and the map areas again.

Q: What does the little cards/icons above the Health Bar represent?

Those icons that look like cards represent The Power of Friendship which lets everyone nearby recover stamina better. You recover stamina up to the level of the teammate with the highest stamina. If you split up, the cards separate and you do not get this benefit.

Q: What is the Stalker? How do I play as a Stalker?

The stalker is an alternate mode of the game and very different to the primary experience (The primary experience is 1-4 player co-op PVE).

In this mode, you play a solo kid with no powers except the ability to travel using the Red Doors. Your goal is to film the club member players and report their sins without getting caught. If you are caught, you are kicked from the game and your total evidence score is added to a leaderboard. If all other players are suppressed by The Shape before you are caught, your score will be added to the leaderboard as well and you will earn a Stalker Dossier.

The Stalker Mode feature unlocks once you hit level 5. As a Level 5 host, your multiplayer sessions will be available for invasion by a Stalker if you have at least 2 players in the session.

After you have been invaded by a Stalker, you will earn a Stalker Dossier, an item which allows you to exit the Hideout and enter the Stalker Van, where you can start a mission as a Stalker kid (with a different avatar). You can earn more Stalker Dossiers by being invaded again by other Stalkers.

You can disable from participation with the Stalker feature in the Options menu. Deactivating this mode will zero out your inventory of Stalker Dossiers and you can be invaded one more time, but after that you will never be invaded again. You can tell if a game session can be invaded by looking for a special icon in the "Join Mission" lobby screen next to that session.

Q: How do I perform a ritual?

See: Rituals

Q: What is the Enhanced Horror System?

Enhanced Horror allows your microphone to be heard and voice to be recorded under particular circumstances in game. This is an opt-in only feature, meaning we will not listen to your microphone unless you explicitly choose to enable this in the game. You can opt-out again at any time. It will not affect your voice chat settings, you can still turn off the ability of fellow players to hear you (if you prefer a 3rd party voice application) without sacrificing the Enhanced Horror experience.

Note: This doesn't mean normal enemies on patrol will hear you, but rather more supernatural elements of the game will become enabled. Certain features, such as the Ritual system, require that you opt in to Enhanced Horror.

This data will never be sold to a third party. It is only used for in-game content. When you record a ritual using a Light of Rebellion in the Hideout, this is an example of when we collect recorded voice data. When you hear a dream after returning from a successful mission, that is an example of you hearing that recorded voice data used for in-game content. There are other examples, but it is getting into heavy spoiler territory (see next paragraph). The point is, the purpose of this feature is to make a novel game experience and not to sell your data.

We believe that much of the entertainment value relies on surprise and mystery, but we also want to be up-front and transparent as we can be, so if you really wish to know how the system works and fully intend to spoil your experience, click here… —> (SPOILER-HEAVY LINK)

Wiki FAQ

Questions regarding The Blackout Club Official Gamepedia.

Q: A page says that it is "protected", what does it mean?

Some pages are protected so only certain types of users can edit it. Typically there are three types of users: non-users (those without an account), users (those with an account) and admins. Most pages are protected so only users that have an account can edit the wiki. This helps control the edits and lessen the incidents of vandalism or false information on this wiki. Extremely important or high-traffic pages (like the main page, templates, etc.) are locked so only the admins can edit them. If you have a request or suggestion for the wiki, you can reach the Community Admins by

  • posting in the discussion on the Community Portal, or
  • going to the appropriate article and clicking on "Discussion" (located at the the top-left of the page near the game's logo), post there, and check back for an answer.

Q: Am I allowed to edit the wiki?

Yes! All Club Members are allowed to edit the Wiki. If you see a mistake or want to fill in missing information, click on the Edit button at the top of the page. Users are welcome to add and remove information, though please do not touch the organizational structure of the page (ex. Moving the Infobox, reorganizing a table, adding/removing a header section), as it is one of our Wiki Rules.

Q: Can I upload images to the wiki?

Yes! Just like editing, you're also welcome to upload any images; however they must be related to The Blackout Club (game). Anything unrelated (e.g. A picture of Pikachu) will be removed. Be sure to check that there isn't a duplicate of your image by checking the list of uploaded images on the Wiki. Be sure to add the applicable licensing information for the images you upload.

See: The Blackout Club Wiki:Style Guide/Files/Images

Q: Can I add my interaction with a Voice to their interaction page?

Yes! You are welcomed to add your own interaction. The interaction pages use intricate and delicate wiki code to format properly, so if you're unfamiliar with editing please use the [[Player Interactions Sandbox ]]. There you can share the link to the interaction and key details you want to appear.