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Foam Grenade

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Foam Grenade
Foam Grenade
Defensive, Passive
Makes a patch of ground silent to walk on, Negates fall damage, Disable mines and security Cameras
Max Quantity
10 in some Disrupt missions
Controls / Controls / Controls

The Foam Grenade is one of the Field Items found in missions.

Description[edit | edit source]

LeftQuote.png Breaks open and spews out foam insulation, making surfaces nearly silent to walk on, preventing fall damage, disabling cameras temporarily and mines permanently. RightQuote.png
— Item Description

A canister filled with foamy soft substance that has a variety of uses. Like all Field Items they spawn in supply crates scattered around the map. During certain Disrupt missions, Foam Grenades will spawn around the surface of Redacre near maze entrances so players can foam Speed Traps.

Usage[edit | edit source]

The Foam Grenade has a variety of uses and is one of the most versatile Field Item in the game. When thrown on the ground, the patch of ground will be silent to walk and safe to land on - foam patches completely negate fall damage regardless the height from which the player falls. Foam Grenades can permanently disable Acoustic Mines. They can also be used to temporarily disable Security Cameras and Enemy Drones for approximately 20 seconds. A player can throw a Foam Grenade at a door and kick it down without making any noise to negate the chance of nearby Sleepers or Lucids being alerted by the sound. Despite the lack of noise, a door kicked in with foam can still be discovered by enemies and count towards the Kids overall sin.

Throwing the Foam Grenade at the Shape will temporarily reveal it's location. This allows the Shape to be seen without closing one's eyes. Foam Grenades can even be used to stun the Shape trying to suppress a teammate. Throwing it at a Sleeper or Lucid will stun them very briefly and can be used to slow them down in a chase. Foam Grenades can also be thrown at Suppressed teammates to temporarily stun them so teammates can revive them.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Not counting Lockpicks (which don't show up in the Inventory Hotbar in the UI), Foam Grenades have the highest inventory count than any other item (a player can carry at most 10 Foam Grenades at a time during a Disrupt mission with the Pick Up Foam Canisters and Foam the Speed Traps objectives.
  • The game describes the Foam Grenades foam contents as 'Foam Insulation', which may refer to Spray Foam Insulation , an insulation alternative to fiberglass.
  • The name "Patches" is atop the can - this also happens to be the nickname for one of the developers of The Blackout Club (game).