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Thank you for wanting to contribute your experiences to help the TBC community!

Please use this form to submit your interactions to the Wiki. You first need to enter a unique and descriptive title for your interaction in the text box below to begin. If you see the title appearing underneath the text box while typing, it means an interaction on the Wiki already exists with that title and you will need to use a different title.

By continuing and creating this interaction, you agree to abide by the Wiki's Rules regarding player interactions. If you do not have a recording of your interaction, you will need to provide a transcript of the interaction for it to remain on the Wiki. Interactions with no transcripts or videos may be deleted.

This interaction and the information shared in the interaction will be considered public knowledge by the community. If you include any warnings about IC/OOC use in your transcript, the Wiki cannot guarantee or enforce readers to abide by this request. If you are not okay with the interaction being considered public knowledge, we recommend not sharing on the Wiki at this time.


If you encounter an issue or need assistance using this form, please contact MrMusicMan789 (talk or find him on the TBC Discord).