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Past Name(s)
"Unknown Hunter Voice"
Known As
The Beast (SAO)[1]
Voice Sample

HUNT-THE-STRONG, formerly known as the "Unknown Hunter Voice", is one of the Voices in The Blackout Club (game).

Description[edit | edit source]

LeftQuote.png May the worst man win. RightQuote.png
— C. Ryan, HUNT-THE-STRONG's Sacrifice Quote

HUNT-THE-STRONG, also known by his acronym HTS, seems to prey off of other Voices. He can be sacrificed to at this time. Occasionally, HUNT-THE-STRONG would respond to rituals that were sent to other Voices not intended for him but discussed hunting or strength. HUNT-THE-STRONG stands for Strength, or likes strength in things, which can be in any form. He likes success, accomplishment, and reaching goals.[2] He is ambition itself[3] HUNT-THE-STRONG takes his Hosts from Voices he destroys. His hunger knows no limit.[4] He believes in self over all[5], but warns that hubris is the most dangerous weakness he knows.[6] While he sees fear as a weakness, he needs it to provoke strength in his Hosts.[7]

He believes that sort of organizing and deep, careful planning inevitably goes awry. He recommends goals instead of plans, because goals never change, but plans break like bones.[8] He considers telling lies to be weak.[9]

History[edit | edit source]

Before the Game[edit | edit source]

HUNT-THE-STRONG is an old Voice, existing back when humankind was basic and held the ancient notion of defeating a stronger foe and eating their heart to gain power. As hunting began to be seen in a more noble and fair way, the world forgot about him, and he was eclipsed by CHASE-THE-SUN.[10] HUNT-THE-STRONG remained inside CHASE-THE-SUN as she came to Redacre within Colm Ryan, until he found a way to break away using THEE-I-DARE.[citation needed] Seizing the opportunity, he manipulated THEE-I-DARE by daring him to use Colm's body to break the statue of CHASE-THE-SUN, weakening her enough for HUNT-THE-STRONG to devour her.[citation needed] He was reborn in Redacre with a new voice and a new name.[10] A developer shared that his original name was EAT-THE-STRONG, but he became HUNT due to Redacre's history, and because he ate CHASE.[citation needed] The location of Colm's baby is unknown, and it's assumed that HUNT-THE-STRONG is somehow raising it.[11]

In-Game[edit | edit source]

Warning: Current Plot Spoilers
This section contains details about current plot threads.

According to SPEAK-AS-ONE, HUNT-THE-STRONG inspires madness and causes carelessness. He represents vanity and gluttony. SAO warn players that HUNT-THE-STRONG is an old Voice that they should not face him directly. He lived before time had measure.[12]

HUNT-THE-STRONG claimed he is behind the Dead Bird objective.[2]

THEE-I-DARE called HUNT-THE-STRONG an opportunistic hunter. He waits, enjoying the fear he creates.[13] He said the Hunter hunts for sport, and waking it up would be very naive. He would determine the strongest, and then eat them.[14] He is not a creature of bargains, and would attempt to subvert anyone who is stronger than him towards his aims.[3]

He hunts lone targets or pairs. When asked if the Hunter would target SPEAK-AS-ONE, TID says that the Hunter ultimately sees them as weak because "he does not see part as special". They are not strong individually.[15]

On Nov. 9, 2019, HUNT-THE-STRONG surprise attacked DANCE-FOR-US, stating that she's gotten strong. He kills her and takes all of her Hosts as his own.[16]

After the death of DANCE-FOR-US, the Voices urged the kids to find the Hunter's name, either spoken or in Old Tongue.[citation needed] IN-HER-TEETH said the name had been spoken before, and it could be found with investigation.[citation needed] The Voice's name was confirmed in a mission on December 21, 2019.[citation needed]

THEE-I-DARE warned that HUNT-THE-STRONG exploits any habit or quirk, which is how he used TID as a knife against CHASE-THE-SUN, by exploiting his dares.[7]

HUNT-THE-STRONG has shown no fear of the Pact coming for his head, calling them a collection of pig-headed clowns.[8] He boasts that he has spies trained on them[17], and asks his faithful to give him the names of those who are trying to spy on him in turn.[18]

HUNT-THE-STRONG has few Hosts, but the numbers grow every day.[4] THEE-I-DARE says that his child followers may act like him, but eventually, they grow up. TID believes the Hunter is too vain to think someone truly like him would turn away from him, and hopes to use his vanity against him, in order to find a child trusted by HUNT-THE-STRONG to betray him and spy on him.[19]

Via broadcast, he made the Club an offer, renounce all the other Voices, and he will share Bells' fate.[20]

Player Interactions[edit | edit source]

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Dreams[edit | edit source]

HUNT-THE-STRONG has responded to some players' rituals, heard as dreams when returning to the Hideout after successfully completing a mission.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • This Voice has been active in responding to rituals since the first public dream in the Closed Beta in September 2018. Despite this, the Voice's name was not revealed for 15 months.

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