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The list of known hosts to the Voices of The Blackout Club (game) and the details revealed about them. Text written IN FORMATTED TEXT are direct quotes from the particular Voice.



Name Fragment Location Name Fragment Image Host Details

The Arches
ArchesFragment (Ailisa).png
Ailisa (pronounced "Ale-ee-sa") was a girl who had REACHED HOSTING AGE and was barely older than the Kids, who was SO GIFTED in music according to THEE-I-DARE. Ailisa had an ear for music that was flawless. CHORUS apparently wanted someone like her. She helped construct and tune the Instrument when it was much smaller than it is today. Ailisa also helped TID in secret. THEE-I-DARE recalled she was taken during the "Great Cull" of TID's hosts to A SYSTEM OF ARCHES (referring to The Arches). Her story was recounted to a player in an Interaction with THEE-I-DARE. [1]

In another conversation[2] THEE-I-DARE said that Ailisa had PERFECT PITCH, explaining further that SOME HUMANS SING PERFECTLY and HEAR NOTES VERY PRECISELY. THEE-I-DARE mentions about the Instrument that WHAT I KNOW OF IT, SHE GAVE ME and that if we were to trick the instrument somehow, WHAT SHE KNEW WOULD BE OF USE.


Name Fragment Location Name Fragment Image Host Details

No Fragment

No Fragment
Cody was one of the last known hosts of TID. He was a young man in his twenties encouraged by TID to visit Redacre. Cody SOUGHT A VANISHED FRIEND about twenties years ago. Cody's friend was a girl, but TID was never told her name though he heard rumors she visited Redacre before. TID does not know if Cody survived the "Great Cull" and does not know if he is a fragment now. Despite the connection hosts can have, TID explains HE IS DARK TO ME NOW, LIKE BELLS. TID asked the players, however, if they learn Cody is not alive to not tell TID.[3].

Another player's conversation with THEE-I-DARE revealed that Cody felt weak about himself because he was an addict.[4]

In a later interaction, THEE-I-DARE explains CODY IS SUCH A COLD TRAIL, but TID holds VAIN, FOOLISH HOPE.[5]


Name Fragment Location Name Fragment Image Host Details

String Relay B - Airway Fragment
Dane was a host of TID, he has been described in an interaction [6] as AHTLETIC but had ATTENTION PROBLEMS. THEE-I-DARE SENT THEM TO SPY A CHORDIST. After that he LOST CONTACT. When the player showed him where the fragment is, he answered THEY WERE CAUGHT HERE? AWFUL then remarked that the position of the fragment was PERHAPS AN ATTEMPT TO SURVEIL. At the end of the conversation TID stated that he CAN MOURN DANE, NOW.


Name Fragment Location Name Fragment Image Host Details

Old Growth Shack
(near the campsite)
In an interacion[7] a player asked about the Name Fragment on the backside of the shack in the campsite, to which TID responded ELKINS. HIS NAME WAS ELKINS. He stated that HE SURVIVED TO THE END OF THE CULL, meaing he was one of the few hosts of TID that survived that time. Elkins HE KEPT THE OLD GROWTH GROUNDS, TID stated about his Name Fragment pose that YES . BURYING HIS LIGHTER FOR ME. TID said THAT POOR MAN. I COULD NOT ANSWER. HE WROTE SONGS ABOUT MY RETURN. I NEVER CAME WHILE HE LIVED. HE WAS ALONE, which means that despite being a follower of TID, he never met him or spoke to him. but he kept believing. TID further says WHAT HE HEARD OF ME... IT WOULD HAVE BEEN SO INSULAR., claiming that the information that Elkins had about TID was limited, and that NO OTHERS TO CORRECT OR CONFER., so he could never know if the information he had about TID was even real. TID ends by sayingELKINS. I WILL NOT FORGET YOU.

Graham Quiet

Name Fragment Location Name Fragment Image Host Details

1001 Hoadly
TID told a group of players that THEY MADE ONE OF MY HOSTS BATHE. DREW THE WATER, OPEN HIS WRISTS. BY THE TIME WE FOUND HIM. TOO LATE. during the "Great Cull". CHORUS knew he would never join the song and made him cut his wrists open in his bathroom. TID believed this host owned a home. After the players the interaction find the correct house (#1001 Hoadly), they enter the downstairs bathroom. THEE-I-DARE expressed visible anger, calling "them" BASTARDS.[8]

TID then explains to the players in a later interaction that Graham was SUBTLER and LASTED LONGER. TID then expresses his mind is clarifying by finding fragments of his name.[9]


Name Fragment Location Name Fragment Image Host Details

919 Hoadly - Closet
919Closet FragmentImage.jpg
In an interaction [10], a player asked TID about the closet fragment. TID told the player YES. JOEL. TID further says JOEL TRIED TO RUN AMATEUR RADIO, the player assumed that he made the radio for the TBC, but TID corrected him saying NO. HE WAS AN ADULT, which means there were some adults that tried to work in secret, hiding from CHORUS. TID further says HE WAS SO VERY LONELY. HE MADE A FEW FRIENDS THROUGH IT, which means the radio was very important to Joel. Unfortunately as the player later learned BUT ONE OF THEM WAS PART OF CHORUS. SHE TRICKED HIM. MASTERULY. MADE HIM EXPOSE HIS FRIENDS, meaning that CHORUS used Joel to track and run down every other person involved with the radio. At the end TID states HE ...ENDED HIS OWN STORY, which suggests Joel commited suicide.


Name Fragment Location Name Fragment Image Host Details

921 Hoadly - Exterior
Paul FragmentImage.jpg
In an interaction [11], TID talks about how YOUNG PAUL was TRYING TO BREAK IN 921 Hoadly. After the reaction of the players, he added that Paul chose this house because A PREVIOUS HOST HAD LIVED HERE and that HE WANTED ANY HISTORY OF ME. Unfortunately, BY THEN, MY MAKERS WERE WITHIN . Also TID added that Paul LOST HIS FATHER. I THINKand that he MAY HAVE SEEN ME AS A SURROGATE, then clarified HIS OWN WERE ALIVE, BUT THE MIND...


Name Fragment Location Name Fragment Image Host Details

Barracks - Tunnel
BarracksTunnel FragmentImage.png
In an interaction[12] A player showed TID the Barracks Tunnel Name Fragment, who TID identified as SWANSON. A CARETAKER.... From TID's next comment, THE BARRACKS. HOMELESS PEOPLE... the player guessed that Swanson was taking care of homeless people. TID affirmed this, saying YES. TRYING TO RECRUIT FOR ME. TO STOP THEIR MINDS TWISTING.... TID stated that Swanson had UNCOMMON KINDNESS OF SPIRIT and that she CHANGED GENDER WHILE HERE. CHORUS PAID FOR IT.. TID claimed that SHE FELT GUILTY ABOUT THE MONEY. TID ended by saying that SHE SHOULD NOT HAVE LINGERED.


Name Fragment Location Name Fragment Image Host Details

Barracks - Bunk Beds
Utisz FragmentImage.jpg
In an interaction[13], TID describes a VAGRANT which TID named Utisz, adding HE COULD NOT OFFER A REAL NAME because HE DID NOT REMEMBER. TID only described Utisz as having a CLEFT PALATE and HIS LIP, SPLIT AT BIRTH. TID also mentioned that MY MAKERS TAKE IN THE HOMELESS, implying he was in some sort of homeless shelter. TID mentions HE STOLE SUPPLIES FOR US but also THEN, THOUGH. MEDICAL ALCOHOL ending his story off with NOT ALL HOSTS ARE HEROES.


Name Fragment Location Name Fragment Image Host Details

Nerve Center - Cavern
Zachary FragmentImage.jpg
In an interaction[14] TID asked a player THAT FALLING HOST. SHOW ME?. Once the player got to the fragment TID commented THE FOOL... THAT DAMNABLE FOOL. When the player asked if the host did something wrong, TID answered that the host was YOUNG ZACHARY who was CALLED ZACK BEETS because HE HAD A CONDITION.FLUSHED FACE. When asked what he was doing in this place, TID answered saying IDIOT SAID HE WOULD DESTROY IT (Note : the Instrument). Then added that I CANNOT JUDGE BUT I TOLD HIM that IT WOULD TAKE HUNDREDS OF US. BUT LIKE ME HE WOULD NOT LISTEN.. He said that BOLT CUTTERS AND BRASS BALLS.THAT IS WHAT HE KEPT REPEATING. After that TID seemed pained and said THE DAMNED... THE POOR KID.. Before changing topics, he added the Instrument is immune to light damage because THEY REPAIR IT. NEAR IMMEDIATE


Unknown Name(Current Voice)

Name Fragment Location Name Fragment Image Host Details



In a Recalled Dream, TMC indicated that his VOICE IS THAT OF A SCIENTIST WHO REFUSED TO HOST ME UNTIL HIS LAST DAY ALIVE. This host also researched the Voices and refused to host TMC because HE FEARED SUCH BIAS WOULD ALTER HIS STUDY OF OUR KIND. TMC then added that this host WAS A GENIUS, REALLY and that HE DIED IN OBSUCRITY.