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Game Opt-In Message

The Blackout Club (game) features an Enhanced Horror System. If you click YES to opt-in, TBC will capture your voice and breath reactions in order to offer all participating players the most immersive experience possible. Mute or Push to Talk will work as expected between players, but the game will continue to listen while TBC is active.

Phobia Warning: Paranormal stimuli.

If you click NO, your voice will not be captured. This will prevent you from using certain online-specific features which are voice activated, such as the Ritual System. You may still use in-game voice chat between players.

You can always update this setting in the Options Menu at any time.

From Question LLC's FAQ

Enhanced Horror allows your microphone to be heard and voice to be recorded under particular circumstances in game. This is an opt-in only feature, meaning we will not listen to your microphone unless you explicitly choose to enable this in the game. You can opt-out again at any time. It will not affect your voice chat settings, you can still turn off the ability of fellow players to hear you (if you prefer a 3rd party voice application) without sacrificing the Enhanced Horror experience.

Note: This doesn't mean normal enemies on patrol will hear you, but rather more supernatural elements of the game will become enabled. Certain features, such as the Ritual system, require that you opt in to Enhanced Horror.

This data will never be sold to a third party. It is only used for in-game content. When you record a ritual using a Light of Rebellion in the Hideout, this is an example of when we collect recorded voice data. When you hear a dream after returning from a successful mission, that is an example of you hearing that recorded voice data used for in-game content. There are other examples, but it is getting into heavy spoiler territory (see next paragraph). The point is, the purpose of this feature is to make a novel game experience and not to sell your data.

We believe that much of the entertainment value relies on surprise and mystery, but we also want to be up-front and transparent as we can be, so if you really wish to know how the system works and fully intend to spoil your experience, click here… —> (SPOILER-HEAVY LINK)