How To Play: Tagging

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Tagging is an essential part of survival as a member of The Blackout Club. You can tag any point of interest, an enemy, or a random location and every member on your team can see it. Each player can tag an individual item - in a four-person mission, up to four unique tags can exist at any time. Tagged items can be seen through walls and through surfaces (e.g. the tagged outline of a Sleeper on the surface will still be visible when you are in the Maze).

To tag something, aim your crosshair at it, then press Controls / Controls / Controls. See the examples below for items that can be tagged. Things that cannot be tagged directly will act like the "General location" tag marker (a single triangle floating nearby).

Enemies will lose their tag when passing through Red Doors.


Examples of common items that can be tagged by players during missions.