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Known As
Death Fetishist (SAO)[1]
A. Moeckel
Voice Sample

IN-HER-TEETH is one of the Voices in The Blackout Club (game).

Description[edit | edit source]

LeftQuote.png It um, knows how I'm going to die? Says it won't be scary or painful if I go with her. RightQuote.png
— A. Moeckel, IN-HER-TEETH's Sacrifice Quote

IN-HER-TEETH, also known by her acronym IHT, can be sacrificed to and sent prayers if the player has the Light of Rebellion.

In her dream answers, she says she does not represents death, but longevity, as in a life with acceptance of the end.[citation needed] IHT desires death for herself and knows it will consume her too; she wants death to come to her kind, wanting to "personally snuff out each of their candles".[2] IHT also wants to "pull the plug on Redacre" as she believe people of Redacre are not allowed to die because of SPEAK-AS-ONE keeping an aspect of them alive, also saying that they (SAO) use the sleeping bodies as a storage for their memories.[citation needed] For her, the Voices competing over the children's flesh is a story that devours itself and wants to put them out of their misery. White is sacred to her and thus she is offended by the dove incident.[citation needed]

History[edit | edit source]

Before the Game[edit | edit source]

IN-HER-TEETH did not always go by this name; she altered her name before the events of the game; her previous name, although unknown, was "simple with an active-verb first" whereas her current name makes a point about patience.[3]

IN-HER-TEETH and LAUGH-LAST were considered "married", in Voice terms, which meant they shared hosts between the two of them.[citation needed] THE-MEASURE-CUTS commented that humankind has frequently used humor to cope with death, and thus we have made strange bedfellows of them, despite how different the two of them are.[4]

In-Game[edit | edit source]

When asked if the Dead Bird objective is related to IN-HER-TEETH, THEE-I-DARE responds that she has not been known to hunt.[5] SPEAK-AS-ONE confirms that IN-HER-TEETH is not behind the dead birds, but that another Voice is.[1] It is learned later that it was HUNT-THE-STRONG's doing.[6]

IN-HER-TEETH is confident that HUNT-THE-STRONG is no match for her. She states he will have to grow much more powerful in order to defeat her. Still, she says she is fortifying herself, because she acknowledges he is powerful, and it would be foolish to underestimate him.[citation needed]

IN-HER-TEETH is disinterested in THEE-I-DARE's Pact, and calls them misguided.[7] However, she looks for children to act as a bridge to her, so that she may observe the Pact and what they do, without being a part of it[8], because what they do affects her, her kind, as well as our kind. She considers what is said during the Pact's meeting is of vital importance.[citation needed] She asked Club members to bring her concrete proof that THEE-I-DARE has changed, because they have only known TID for a fraction of time, whereas IHT has known him for over centuries.[citation needed] She is hesitant to trust the inventor of the lie[9], but THEE-I-DARE says IN-HER-TEETH takes the most issue with SEED-THE-GRUDGE.[citation needed]

IN-HER-TEETH is conducting her own investigation to defeat HUNT-THE-STRONG, independent from the Pact. She believes that the Gorgon Curse can be used to fight HUNT-THE-STRONG.[7]

When a mysterious voice calling herself Isabela Madi-Shaw emerges, IN-HER-TEETH doesn't believe it is the real Bells. IHT is sure that the real one must be dead, and urges the club to be safe.[10]

Player Interactions[edit | edit source]

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Dreams[edit | edit source]

IN-HER-TEETH has responded to some players' rituals, heard as dreams when returning to the Hideout after successfully completing a mission.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • SPEAK-AS-ONE refers to IHT as the "Death Fetishist".[11]
  • IN-HER-TEETH doesn't have a name starting with an active-verb because she is an iconoclast.[12]
  • IHT approves of vegan cuisine, since it conserves energy.[13]

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