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This page was to document interactions between the Voice, LAUGH-LAST and players after the launch of The Blackout Club (game).


Become My Chosen

Date of Interaction: August 13, 2019

Link to Interaction: Video of Interaction

Major Details:

  • LAUGH-LAST apologizes for taking so long to talk to Malpheus again. Shortly after some chatter, the group is taken to the moon.
  • Malpheus asks LL if the reason for their absence has anything to do with IN-HER TEETH. In response LL states they "are not talking right now".
  • LL asks if IHT had said anything about them and demands to be told everything. LL claims to just be misunderstood by IN-HER-TEETH.
  • The group is asked if they have anything "fun" to report. Malpheus discusses the situation of THEE-I-DARE currently as though it is amusing. LL says it is "wonderful to hear" showing no remorse for TID.
  • Malpheus is thanked by LL for their sacrifices. In response Malpheus tells LL they should visit another club member, Xaviul, as they have given even more.
  • LL tells Malpheus they must be ok with him being "unreliable" to become his chosen. Malpheus states that he is ok with this. Malpheus is then chosen by LL.
  • The group is asked to say the name of "LAUGH-LAST" as a form of goodbye. One member, Concharis, pronounces it "LAST-LAUGH" deliberately several times. This annoys and even almost anguishes LL.

Remember The Name

Date of Interaction: August 24, 2019

Link to Interaction: Video of Interaction

Major Details:

  • LAUGH-LAST drops into the groups game very suddenly with a laugh and addresses Malpheus saying "my chosen, Malpheus".
  • Malpheus asks LL how he is doing and he seems extremely pleased saying he is "giddy". Malpheus says LL has been busy tonight, referring to the recruitment crusade LL had been on that night. LL says he "hates staying in one place".
  • LL changes the topic, responding to Malpheus "I heard you have been talking to some chuckle-heads who have been messing up my name?" Malpheus states that there are quite a few deliberately doing it. LL says he hopes Malpheus has "been setting them straight" to which Malpheus says he has but it feels like a "one-sided battle right now".
  • Showing audible disgust at the news LL says "I don't expect you to convince them all...but if you need ammo in your fight just tell them that there is only enough room in this town for one funny man, and if there is too much competition well...i'll just have to hunt them down and snuff them out". Malpheus says he will pass that message on.
  • Malpheus says the people doing it "think they are quite funny, but they are nothing". LL agrees with this sentiment responding by saying "No, they're really not. But don't worry the joke will be on them, eventually". Malpheus says that this is what he hopes for and that the other voices do not seem to "have a funny-bone in them at all" to which LL responds in agreement "Ugh. No. Some of them are weirdo hippies and total D-bags. I can't stand the lot of them, but you're cool, I could talk to you all night...if I didn't have plans".
  • Malpheus and LL say their farewells and the interaction ends.

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