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Lucids are one of the types of enemies found in The Blackout Club (game).

Background[edit | edit source]

Lucids are relatively similar to their blind counterpart, Sleepers, but possess the ability of sight. Unlike Sleepers, Lucids are able to use their sight to observe their surroundings and any meddling TBC members nearby. Lucids also form coherent speech, express thoughts and emotions, and even some objections to what's going on. They are known to taunt and coax members of The Blackout Club by pretending to be a responsible adult. Lucids are fully aware of what's going on in Redacre.[1]

They are prevented from true sleep by the one who controls them and are forced to work throughout the night until 5AM (according to Lucid stories). The identities of the Lucids are unknown, but they are presumed to be captive adults from Redacre. According to ambient dialogue, they used to be Sleepers at one point before becoming a Lucid as they recall the pain of the Sonic Fences from their time as a Sleeper.

Idle Lucids often remark about The Voice, Isabela Madi-Shaw, and even their children potentially being members of The Blackout Club (Group). One particular Lucid line refers to having seen The Voice directly:

LeftQuote.png I saw SPEAK-AS-ONE up close - your old Voice, I mean, back in the mid-nineties. Man and woman, answering questions with both their voices, on any subject, no pauses or rehearsal. And I knew. It was all real. RightQuote.png
— Lucid

According to a developer from Question LLC, the Lucid is referring in this quote to the current host of the Voice still serving; some Lucids have never met the current hosts in person.[2]

Appearance[edit | edit source]

Lucids have unique outfits compared to the Sleepers. They wear a gray, sleeveless jacket embellished with silver material. On their back is a billowing cape with a red, wavy pattern. Underneath this jacket is a red shirt. The Lucid's left arm has no sleeve, their right arm also wears a black, elbow-length glove. Lucids wear maroon pants with black thigh satchels on both legs and tall black boots.

The blurred face of a Lucid.

A unique feature of the Lucids is their distorted face. The Lucid's eyes and lips float around their face like a churning soup. The residents of Redacre have been brainwashed to see Lucids' faces this way[1].The edge of their face is blurred like heat haze. Lucids appear bald, and their ears remain in a fixed position on their heads. This effect makes it impossible for TBC members to identify the Lucid.

There is no discernible difference between a female or male Lucid other than their different voices.

Behavior & Strategy[edit | edit source]

Lucids are able to see their surroundings. Some wander around while others may stand guard in one place. Due to their ability to see, it's advisable to stay either behind them or hidden away in the shadows as Lucids are able to visually spot the kids. Lucids can hear, but not as well as Sleepers. It is still advisable to stay quiet around them. If a Lucid goes on alert, they will pull out their smartphone and turn on the flashlight to aid in their search. If a Lucid sees a Club Member they are unable to apprehend themselves, they may make a call on their smartphone, such as "Hello, sir? We have a visual but need... yes. Please send it here." This typically results in The Shape appearing soon after to apprehend the most sinful Club Member. Lucids, will kneel like Sleepers in the presence of the Shape, sometimes chanting "SPEAK-AS-ONE" repeatedly. Lucids may often make remarks about their fear of the Shape while in its presence as well.

Like Sleepers, Lucids can be easily distracted by noisemakers or other field items. They can also be distracted by the upgrade to the Hacker major power, War Dial, but Lucids can still break out of the call for loud noises or visual distractions. An effective way to subdue Lucids is by hopping on their backs with the Takedown Major Power. Once on the ground, Lucids can be pinned and held in place like a Sleeper. Lucids can also be KO'd using Tranquilizer Dart (either with the Crossbow Hero Item or simply using the dart at close range) and Sleep Tripwire for the rest of the mission. Throwing a Foam Grenade at a Lucid or a Flash Bang nearby them will temporarily stun the Lucid.

Lucids can travel through Red Doors like Sleepers and The Stalker.

A member of Question LLC confirmed that at higher levels, "a roving band of Lucids use red doors to patrol near their assigned player. We spawn at least one per player once they are above a certain level."[3] This sometimes explains why high-level players often see Lucids patrolling their location, regardless where on the map they are.

Quotes[edit | edit source]

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