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This page lists all quotes said by Lucids.



  • "I saw SPEAK-AS-ONE up close - your old Voice, I mean, back in the mid-nineties. Man and woman, answering questions with both their voices, on any subject, no pauses or rehearsal. And I knew. It was all real."
  • <uncomfortable grunt> "Damn heart monitors pinch. Half the time glitching, too - Boss always thinks I'm KO'd. I keep saying "I'm just bored!"
  • "Voice, as your humble host, I try to be strong, but don't our bodies...matter?"
  • "Need to report in soon. 'No ma'am, I did not meet any magical youth gangs tonight. What? No ma'am, of course I'm not smirking.'"
  • "I did miss dreaming, at first. But the other night, I heard the Voice repeating my words with countless mouths... that is the dream."
  • "Think aloud, think aloud for the Voice. Well: that girl, that Isabela. They say that the...the shape you can't see, got her. I wonder what it...does to them?"
  • "As the world sleeps, to myself (chuckles). And frankly, I'm delightful."
  • "Lots of hours blend together, but 5AM has merits. You go home, lie next to her, and...well, pretend to sleep anyway."
  • "There's no way that my daughter's involved with that..."club". She tells me everything..."
  • "Please, no red doors tonight, I always forget someone I know in there or...remember someone that I don't."
  • "I should check the Sonic Fence, but - I loathe it. body remembers being a Sleeper. Such pain."
  • "Getting some background static here...could those ridiculous children have their own cell tower? That'd be a thing."
  • "Qui-et. But hey, that's why we moved here. It's not the National Radio Party Zone."
  • "I want a transfer. Maybe the woods. We have eyes on the highway...state border we have any hyper-vigilant hermits?"
  • "We're actively expected to think aloud, right?...Well, I don't love that we're hunting down kids, even just to detain them. Don't care if they are quote unquote 'dangerous'."


  • "That was no rodent."
  • "No sleeper is that loud."
  • "Is someone playing with me?"
  • "Anyone else hear...?"
  • "Hello? Is that you, m'am?"
  • "Who's in here?"
  • "That was...I could see..."
  • "Saw...movement?"
  • "Ma'am. We have them treed. Do you happen to know a man with an axe? Thank you" (when players are found climbing or on the Grappling Hook rope)
  • "I know how you feel, we can fix that together!"
  • "Hmmm?"
  • "Shhh! - listen..."

Searching for a Kid

  • "You've gotta brother, sister maybe? They know you're out here? Maybe I can talk to them..."
  • "Toddlers get frustrated, they break things. And you kids? you need a lit-tle nap.
  • "Is it the possession thing? We all have doubts, but our god can be measured, champ! It's in you, too."
  • "Not gonna condescend here, you're a smart kid with some duuumb friends, but I can help."
  • "Keep making noise, pal - very helpful."
  • "Sound the horns, old boy. The hunt is on."
  • "Okay, kid, hard way it is."
  • "What are you? 14? 15? You can turn this around."
  • "I'll find you, then we'll talk."
  • "Those other kids don't care if you get hurt, we do."
  • "So you like to be chased? Fine."
  • "I know your parents, okay! In ways you don't. And they want you home safe!"
  • "Hey, we can do it this way, I've got all night. Or, there's a cocoa and a blanket, your call!"
  • "Okay, hide! We're your teachers, we're your parents..."
  • "Hello, sir? We have a visual but need... yes. Please send it here."
  • "Where did they..."
  • "Is this hide and seek, okay we can play."
  • "I grew up here too, pal! I know what alone feels like! There are options!"
  • "You're young - destruction is in your blood. I get it. Let's talk!"

Alerted, But Found Nothing

  • "I should report myself. I'm officially a risk."
  • "Fine. But if I catch you again, I'll... (sighs)."
  • "Whatever it was, it's over. For now."
  • "A prank... perhaps. Not funny."
  • "Report: Hallucinations worse. If I could sleep, I'd... do that."
  • "Working too long I guess... Yes. Back to it."
  • "No one. That is... well, relief isn't the word, but."


  • "Anyone! Grab'em!"
  • "Hey, pal! Let me take you home!"
  • "It's okay! You won't remember this!"
  • "I know how you feel, we can fix that together!"
  • "Come shake my hand!"
  • "You're smarter than this! Just stop!"
  • "We are trying to help you!"
  • "I need more people here!"
  • "Hello? Help!"
  • "Lotta noise there, kids!"
  • "You're hurting, but you don't have to!"

Seeing the Shape

  • "Here it comes, here it comes...Don't look."
  • "I'm loyal. The Voice knows. Please don't hurt me."
  • "(Whispers) Well, kids...I hope it's quick."
  • "Speak as one. Speak as one. Speak as one. Speak as one."

Finding a Downed Sleeper or Lucid

  • "How could this happen?"
  • "No, I'm so sorry. I should have been more vigilant..."

Prank Called

Picking up Call

  • "Huh? That's me."
  • "A strange time for this."
  • "Yes? Hello?"
  • "A call? Now?"

Finishing Call

  • "What in the blue hell is that shit?"
  • "How are they getting these numbers?"
  • "I'll find you, kid. We'll laugh together."


  • There is no difference in dialogue for general quotes between a male or female Lucid.