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Name Fragments are the broken pieces of THEE-I-DARE found in missions.


A Name Fragment viewed normally.
Collecting a name fragment.

Name Fragments are the scattered pieces of the Voice, THEE-I-DARE, after he was consequently destroyed by SPEAK-AS-ONE for rebelling against him. His name was broken into pieces and he was scattered throughout Redacre and the Maze. Though he lives, THEE-I-DARE is fragmented and as close to death as a Voice can be. The figure seen when closing ones' eyes to collect the fragment is unique to each location.

Members of The Blackout Club have started to collect these Name Fragments with the intention of giving the pieces back to THEE-I-DARE. Some club members opt to give them to SPEAK-AS-ONE to be destroyed.

One member of the TBC Official Discord found that a player's next name fragment will spawn between two of the possible spawn locations for name fragments. The player will be able to collect their next name fragment at one of these locations. The fragment will appear in either location across missions until the fragment is collected. It is possible for the name fragment to not be present in either location in a mission sometimes as well. When a Voice is present during a mission, two name fragments can be found and collected. [1]


One name fragment can be collected per mission. To collect a Name Fragment:

  1. Shine your flashlight at the fragment location.
  2. Close your eyes to reveal the fragment image - it will glow like the Shape.
  3. Open your eyes and see the message confirming the name fragment has been collected.


Locations of all the known Name Fragments by location. There are likely more locations that exist than listed here, but these have not yet been found or reported.

Surface of Redacre

See the current list of known locations: Surface Locations

The Maze

See the current list of known locations: Maze Locations


  • The name fragments are reminiscent of Voldemort's Horcruxes in Harry Potter, though there are some key differences between them (number of pieces, function, creation).


  1. Link to conversation in the TBC Discord.