Night One (Mission)

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Night One is one of the four mission types in The Blackout Club (game).

Mission Briefing[edit | edit source]

Remember, stealth is your friend - adults are not. Parents, teachers - they're brainwashed sleepwalkers, or they're in on it. Either way is... terrible. Don't get caught. They use oldschool radios to track anything we do wrong. We tapped them so you can hear their dispatcher. When in doubt, check your mission goals, and stick together! Do well and we'll send you more. Tonight, sleepwalkers are trying to clean up a crime scene. Why? We need photos before they get it all. Good luck...

Description[edit | edit source]

Night One missions are completed by Level 1 hosts, both new to the game and those who just sacrificed. The mission is straighforward and is one of the shortest possible missions. Players must record evidence of activity then report to the exit to complete the mission.

Mission Objectives[edit | edit source]

Night One missions are comprised of only two objectives. Unlike other missions where there are numerous objectives and the order is mixed, Night One missions are always in the same, short order.

Investigate Break-In[edit | edit source]

Description: Investigate a disturbance. Record anything that looks like evidence. What happened there? HQ wants to know.

Next Objective: Exit Map

Objective Item(s):

Name Icon In-Game Description/Use
Mission Evidence (x3)

(various items)

InvestigateBreakIn LocationIcon.png
Evidence 2.png
Evidence 3.png
Mission evidence will be various objects with the TV-static overlay. These items can be lit by yellow lights and have a red, dashed-box on the wall or floor nearby, or can be damaged furniture with spots of blood nearby. Mission evidence usually is located inside the house, but may also exist just outside the house as well. Mission evidence items include:
  • Broken sink
  • Broken table (pictured)
  • Ladder and supplies (pictured)
  • Concrete mixer and supplies
  • Drill and supplies
  • Couch flipped on its back (pictured)
  • Wheel barrel with supplies

Exit Map[edit | edit source]

Description: All players must return to the hideout via the Exit marked by the waypoint indicator.

Next Objective: (return to the Hideout)

Objective Item(s):

Name Icon In-Game Description/Use
Exit Cave
One of the many caves in Redacre. All awake players must be inside the cave for the mission to end.