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The Voices listen but seldom speak...

Players can speak with characters of The Blackout Club (game) during missions in real-time and receive responses to rituals as private dreams. Player interactions help the community learn more about the events of the game, uncover details about characters and plots, and generate deeper questions about what is happening in Redacre. Interactions began occurring in The Blackout Club (game) in late September 2018 during the game's 2nd Closed Beta weekend. Interactions occur randomly and players do not know when an interaction will occur or who it will be with until the Voice or character makes their presence known.

Players must be opted into Enhanced Horror in order to participate in interactions. Interactions happen randomly and often infrequently, but sometimes occur in response to a Light of Rebellion sent as a ritual. Interactions can happen for solo players as well as groups of players and may sometimes grant players special items like a Halo, Chosen Shirt, or mask from the Voice or involve sending players to The Moon or Saturation Control. Some Voices will vocally speak with players, some may use messages seen only when the players closes their in-game eyes, and some use text messages sent to the player's in-game smartphone.

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