Player Interactions:A Daring Discussion of Creators and Inbetween

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Interaction Information

Date: August 5, 2020
Player(s): Eric_McCrosbie, ChristianChaos93
Interacted With: THEE-I-DARE
Major details from the Interaction:

  • Eric had asked previously in a prayer to THEE-I-DARE what all he could do since he was only just coming back to help.
  • THEE-I-DARE advised that if Eric encounters one of their creators, that though they are of many minds they were once like our parents, made to forget who they were.
  • If he could discover those memories, they could be used as a weakness against them. But to do so would require drawing them out, and not to be overt in it.
  • Eric then asked about the nature of the Instrument, the Song, and The Place Between. If it could play a part in uncovering this.
  • THEE-I-DARE said that could work, if he brought a Watcher into The Place Between.

Video of Interaction


((This transcript starts prior to the video as neither of us got our recordings going prior to the interaction. Do note, I am also Paraphrasing certain parts prior to the videos beginning because I don't remember everything, but I do remember key points.))

THEE-I-DARE:Eric, you asked how you could Help the Pact. If You should encounter one of my creators, know that though they are of many minds, they were all once like your parents. They are not allowed to remember. But, if you can draw that out, it can be used as a weakness against them...

Eric: When you say that they are not allowed to remember, what do you mean? Like, before they became of many minds?

THEE-I-DARE:Yes, who they were, living apart. It will not be easy. Do not be Overt, or they Withdraw.

Eric: These creators, are they deeper into the maze, the instrument? Are they a part of the song?

THEE-I-DARE:They are in all minds here, yours too. Spread by that instrument. The Song.

Eric:When you say they are in all minds, is that referring to the Place between? As in the place between minds? (I believe I had asked something about the song in connection to the place between, but I don't remember the exact phrasing)

THEE-I-DARE:Between Minds. Aptly Put. I believe it is far weaker there.

Eric: ((I again don't remember the exact phrasing of what I said here, but it was to the effect of getting one of the creators or many minds into the place between to speak to them about who they were before))

THEE-I-DARE:That...Could work. Yes. If one of you took them in there. Cut off from the song, A little. A watcher. The part of them, In you.

Eric: A watcher... like the ones like us, but who are watching us, recording? knock one of them out and get them into the in-between?

Jake: You mean a stalker?

Eric:Yeah, them!

THEE-I-DARE: Those are alive. Not Watchers.

Jake: then how do we get away from the watchers, how do we get out of their eye?

THEE-I-DARE:They are always with you, if you pray to them with a Question. Something that tempts the enemy and drew them within...

Eric: So we need to get one of the watchers into the in between where the song is weaker!

THEE-I-DARE: It is a clever Idea, Friend. I had not thought of that.

THEE-I-DARE: I fear my time has burned away

Jake: Can't you go into the in-between? I had heard rumors.

THEE-I-DARE: But yes, too briefly, though.

Eric & Jake: well, thank you for speaking with us

THEE-I-DARE: Other Children may help explain

Eric & Jake: Well we'll talk to the others in the club about it, for sure.

THEE-I-DARE: But the idea... Impressive

THEE-I-DARE: Good Night

Eric & Jake: Good Night