Player Interactions:DFU vs The Hunter

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Interaction Information

Date: November 9, 2019
Player(s): LeighaSolo, danidos, PirateMonkeh, The Host
Major details from the Interaction:

  • DANCE-FOR-US comes to visit the group and have a long-awaited dance party. DANCE-FOR-US remarks about having not heard the song before (the song being from the Dance Fever objective, an objective many believed was the work of DANCE-FOR-US).
  • The group is teleported to the Moon which now looks vastly different; a giant, swirling black hole sits in the orange sky. Upon landing on the Moon amid the confusion, the Unknown Hunter Voice makes his presence known.
  • DFU and HTS talk it out about how DFU was so close to catching the Hunter, "GOT CLOSE TO THE TRUTH". but due to some careful trickery on the Hunter's part in exploiting the Kids' ability to pick up gestures (Old Tongue) in dreams, the Hunter was able to feed the Kids part of the Hunter's real name. The Kids and DANCE-FOR-US's Hosts unknowingly spelled out the Hunter's name through time, converting DFU's Hosts into becoming the Hunter's.
  • DANCE-FOR-US realizes she is dead in Redacre due to not having any Hosts of her own. DANCE-FOR-US tells off the Hunter in an incredible fashion.
  • The Hunter consumes DANCE-FOR-US and claims all of her past Hosts as his own. The disk in the center of the Moon is etched with DANCE-FOR-US's symbol and a lone pillar sits in the center of the Moon with DANCE-FOR-US's icon like that of CHASE-THE-SUN's found in earlier trips.

Video of Interaction

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