Player Interactions:DFY gives out halos

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Interaction Information

Date: September 7, 2019
Player(s): olive, rorendayo, heels, IsItDeadYet
Interacted With: DIE-FOR-YOU
Major details from the Interaction:

  • DFY takes us to The Moon, then asks why I follow IN-HER-TEETH, encourages us to contact him to tell him what we would die for. Players marked with Halos.

Video of Interaction


Context: I, olive, am playing with 3 new players (rorendayo, isitdeadyet, heels) and trying to guide them through an objective. Most of us have passed a lucid safe but one friend is hesitating passing him.

DIE FOR YOU enters.

DFY: You should listen to your friend.

Olive: Who are we speaking to?


Olive: [Being attacked by two lucids] Well I’m doing a good job of that. [laughing]

DFY: Would you like to go somewhere more private?

Olive: Please.

DFY: Alright, follow me.

[The players are transported to the moon.]

Rorendayo: Are we on the moon?

[Recording starts]

DFY: Well it is what it appears to be. The moon. If you believe that.

Olive: I think I do. [laughing]

DFY: Now, Olive. You’ve been speaking quite a bit to one of my brethren - IN HER TEETH.

Rorendayo: [laughing]

DFY: Might I ask what is it that draws you to her?

Olive: I think...[hesitating] I think it’s trying to be less afraid? Fearlessness?

DFY: I appreciate that. To push through fear is definitely a means of achieving one’s cause. Perhaps our interests are more aligned than I thought. And it seems I can sense the traces of THEE I DARE on isitdeadyet, am I right?

Olive: Oh yeah definitely.

Isitdeadyet: True, yeah.

DFY: Well do not worry. I’ve recently been given reason to align myself with my brother. So my sight now comes upon you two.

Olive: I see. [flustered lol]

DFY: Now, Olive. You had asked about a fragmented voice.

Olive: Yes?

DFY: These shattered pieces close into assembly, and once belonged to THEE I DARE. We, my family, work to restore this voice. And with your prayers and attention soon we hope to accomplish just this.

Olive: Oh good! We’ll help however we can.

Isitdeadyet: Yeah, we’ll help!

DFY: What I ask of you two is to look into your mirror on occasion, pray to me your convictions. Your passions. The things in your lives that drive you to sacrifice anything. Something you in the depths of your heart would give your life for.

Olive: I will.

DFY: Good. Bring those faces of drive and passion, true glory can be found. To change the course of history. And perhaps save this little town.

Olive: We’ll do our best!

DFY: Thank you both. And know that I’m watching.

[Game ends]

Olive: [whispering] Oh my god…

[Teammates laughing]

After this all four of us got halos!