Player Interactions:Following the Path

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Interaction Information

Date: June 28, 2020
Player(s): authorofworlds, firetype55, DiamondGirls217, ":3"
Interacted With: Isabela Madi-Shaw
Major details from the Interaction:

  • authorofworlds, Firetype55, and DiamondGirls217 were helping :3 get through missions when Bells reaches out for help.
  • The group, stunned and confused, try and talk to her, and they eventually get sent to Saturation Control, where everyone except for Vic (due to technical issues) follows the path.
  • The group briefly asks about SPEAK-AS-ONE after she mentions they'll punish her if they don't follow. In the end, everyone ends up back at the Hideout and all receive halos.

Video of Interaction


authorofworlds, Fire, DiamondGirls217, and :3 were working on the cancelers mission when Bells arrived. The shape is out, and we are essentially teaching :3 how to run through some of these missions since he’s never played them before.

Fire, talking to :3 about the cancelers: I must’ve already placed it. Don’t bother tranquing when you place the cancelers- It’ll- We can tranq them without it.

(The Shape exits a door, scaring Fire.)

Fire: Jesus fucking Christ! I’ll tranq them, and then somebody is gonna have to carry it.

(authorofworlds and DiamondGirls217and maybe :3 speak at the same time for a brief second, but they all cease when Bells enters.)

Bells: Guys...? Hello?

Fire: Holy shit we have a person! What the fuck-?!

Bells: Diamond?

authorofworlds : What?

Fire: Somebody’s talking!

Bells: Firey- Author- Can you hear me?

authorofworlds, who still hasn’t caught on: What??

Fire: We can hear you- We can hear you!

Bells, sighing in relief: Oh good!

Fire: Who are you?!

Bells: I don’t know if you… I don’t know if you remember me…

authorofworlds, finally realizing: UH- BELLS?!


3: Bells!

authorofworlds, trying to cue :3 and DiamondGirls217 in on what’s happening: Guys! It’s Bells!

Bells, growing relieved and excited: Yes...! That’s my name! It’s so nice to hear your voices!

(Everyone is now rambling in confusion and excitement over Bells coming in like this.)

Fire: Where are you?! We’ve been worried sick!

Bells: ...I-I’m not sure… I’m trapped somewhere… I’m not sure what’s happening.

Fire: You’re trapped?! Oh shit…

3: Description! Provide description!

DiamondGirls217: What does it look like?

Bells: I can’t see…!

Fire: You can’t see- Okay.

Bells: I can sense you but I can- I can’t see you…

(Incoherent rambling can be heard amongst the group.)

Bells: Wait…

DiamondGirls217(?): What’s happening?

Bells: You’re going into a blackout.

Fire: Oh no.

Bells: You’re coming to where I am.

Fire: Oh no.

Bells: Stay calm.

authorofworlds: We close our eyes?

Fire: Kay.

(The group is sent to SatCon.)

Fire, opening his eyes: Oh shit. Follow the path.

(Incoherent mumbling among :3 and DiamondGirls217 occurs as everyone except for authorofworlds follows the path. Due to a glitch on authorofworlds’s end, she cannot see the path nor her teammates and thus is stuck wandering around aimlessly the few times she does move.)

Bells: Follow the path- Yes- You’re right. If you don’t… They’ll punish me…. Please-!

(Bells sounds desperate and frightened, which stirs up the entire group as they take note of Bells’ use of ‘they.’)

3 and Fire: Okay.

authorofworlds, who still thought she was just loading in still and planned on following: Yeah, we are.

Fire: We’re following the path.

DiamondGirls217/:3: We’re following.

authorofworlds, who’s still stuck at the beginning: Uh, guys? You can see the path already?

3: We’ll get you out Bells!

Bells: Thank you… You should be safe if you just... follow the path.

[Fire, :3, and DiamondGirls217 arrive at SPEAK-AS-ONE’s symbol. Authorofworlds is still left behind due to the glitch.]

authorofworlds: Who’s they?! Is it SPEAK-AS-ONE?!

Fire: Is it SAO?!

(Bells reacts in slight pain(?). The group once again begins to ramble things all at once while Bells speaks.)

Bells: Uh… That name… It feels… Things are hidden… It’s hard for me to understand… but I can feel that you’re safe now… I think that maybe you can help me soon.

authorofworlds, still desperately trying to get in on the path: Guys I’m having problems- I still can’t see anything-

Bells: Thank you… I think you’re going home now…

Fire: Are you gonna be okay?! We’re going home?!

Bells: Just… I think you can help me- Just…

Fire: We can help!

Bells: Just keep trying to reach out okay?

Fire: Okay okay!

3: We’ll reach out to you!

Fire: We’ll do what we can.

Bells: Goodbye.

Fire: Bye Bells!

(The mission ends and everyone’s chattering. We explain the interactions to :3 and congratulate him and DiamondGirls217 on their first interaction. Back at the boxcar, we find out that everyone, including Fire and authorofworlds, got halos. Authorofworlds and Fire already have halos, so this was unexpected.)