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Interaction Information

Date: January 23, 2019
Player(s): DemonsMuse, Hitomi, Uwu, MHZ-Man
Interacted With: SPEAK-AS-ONE
Major details from the Interaction:

  • Players DemonsMuse, uwu, Hitomi, and MHZ-Man were contacted by SPEAK-AS-ONE. They mainly tried to convert MHZ-Man to follow SAO through varying rhetoric. uwu confused them with the term "MomDad" that he created for them as well.
  • This continued into a second game, where DemonsMuse asked if there were any of the Voices that did not rebel against them, and if there were any that SAO followers could trust. SAO explained "Never, they are corrupt." and left it at that. Muse was scolded for not speaking aloud, and the conversation continued between all four people.
  • SAO stated that humanity first started calling the Voices "Gods," and that it was "as good a term as any" to use for them. This was also one of the first times SAO gave a cycle to those who follow them, stating "Sleeper, Lucid, to Watcher". When uwu asked what a Watcher is, he was told if he served, he would learn. (Since this interaction, it was learned the actual order is Sleeper, Lucid, then Watcher.)

Video of Interaction

No video provided.


"(text)" is when I'm speaking to myself without the others able to hear me/PTT off.

"Text" for SAO quotes are when I can’t confirm that’s what SAO said, but that’s what people read off.

Warning: Most of this information is stuff my kid wouldn’t share. However, since Lore isnt PVP, I’m yeeting it at you. If you use it, just don’t name drop, or you’ll give me anxiety for a week that SAO is gonna yell at me. Thanks :3

Transcript of 1/23/19 SAO conversation

Hitomi says that SAO has appeared

Hitomi: He said my devotion waivers. Hey look, I can’t be asked- (Unhearable)

SAO: Uwu. Muse. Hitomi. Together! A Boon.

(Muse: Heh. I suppose, yeah. All three of us together.)

uwu: Look at this SAO, this is a false prophet.

(Muse: There’s only one non believer amongst us.)

uwu: (Unintellegable) He’s not a real follower. Not like me and Hitomi, we’re real followers.

(Muse: Speak-As-One, do you want us to do anything with this non-believer, or… should we just leave him be for now? … And is there anything you want us to do while we’re together?)

SAO: Convince it to serve.

(Muse: Alright. We can possibly do that. It may not be this round, but it’s possible.)

SAO: It must earn its way, as you did.

(Muse: Alright, I can probably give a nudge.)

Muse: Hey, (MHz-Man). Uh. … Hey Man. Out of curiosity, like, which of the Gods do you like the best anyway?

MHz: Who, me?

Muse: Yeah!

MHz: Um, I don’t really know.

Muse: Hm…

MHz: You’re talking like the voices that you hear in between levels?

Muse: Yeah, yeah, them. … Well.

MHz: I haven’t been paying attention to the dreams.

Muse: Well… If I may give you a suggestion, if, uh, unfortunately only to get a Dossier, perhaps Speak-As-One might be a good choice.

MHz: Which one?

Muse: Uh, Speak-As-One.

MHz: Speak-As-One? Okay.

Muse: Honestly, there’s some pretty good benefits. Uh, I’m pretty sure that everyone got a Stalker Dossier if they sacrificed to Them.

Hitomi: Apparently Mono didn’t, but...

Muse: Really?

Hitomi: Yeah. I did. I, I dunno.

Muse: Yeah, I did too.

MHz: So, I mean, What does it do? I mean, you get bonuses from the Gods or something?

Muse: Well, as of right now, mechanically, there’s nothing really, there just seems to be a trend that if you sacrificed to Speak-As-One before this update that you got a Dossier immediately.

MHz: Okay.

Muse: And also it might make it more likely for Them to talk to you. All you have to do is speak its name. If you’re lucky, maybe you could call out now. I think They’re watching.

uwu: Well, I don’t think MomDad really knows him that well.

Muse: Eh, true. That can be earned though.

Uwu: By the way, Speak-As-One is MomDad.

Hitomi: … MomDad. Nice.

Uwu: I’m pretty sure they already know that, but you know, might as well reiterate it right now.

(Muse: I don’t suspect this one will truly blow my cover.)

Muse: But yeah, I mean, give it a try. There’s no real harm in it right now. Might as well since-

MHz: Is it okay if I-

Muse: I mean, you might as well since you don’t know any of the other ones.

MHz: Alright hold on I’m trying to get past all these dudes.

Uwu: “They do not understand this name,” SAO says. You are Mother and Father, you are MomDad.

Muse: Don’t worry-- (I think that he is trying to make some sort of… It’s a form of endearment.)

Uwu: You are (X) form of god. You are GodGodess.

Hitomi: I’m sure God is gender neutral.

Uwu: Well there’s Goddesses as well.

Hitomi: Yeah, but I think God applies to both similar to how “they” applies to both.

SAO: You speak well for us.

Muse: Thank you, I try-- Some people have told me I have quite the way with words. … As soon as I run right directly into this. … Unfortunately, I think we may be leaving soon, and, as you've told me, i need to keep the trust. Farewell, I suppose. Farewell, I suppose. Thank you for speaking to us. It’s always wonderful to hear… well, hear from you, so to speak.)

Uwu: I love you MomDad.

Muse: Yes, goodbye!

Hitomi: “Ask. If it serves us we speak.”

(Next Game)

Hitomi possibly got something?

MHz: Like, they'll actually talk to you in the game?

All: Yeah.

Hitomi: Oh, wait wait wait wait. They said: “You said sacrifice, we said Ask.” so you don't need to sacrifice, you just need to ask.

Muse: Yeah.

Hitomi: You can say out loud right now… Talk to Speak-As-One.

MHz: Speak-As-One, Speak-As-One.

Uwu: One more time.

MHz: Speak-As-One, I’m here on the roof for you, I climbed all this way.

MHz: Oh, I see it I see it!

MHz: Yeah I closed my eyes and it said “You invoke the name.”

Uwu: Yeah, now you can respond.

Muse Yeah, you can just talk.

MHz: “We are watching you.”

MHz: “We do not yet trust you.”

(Muse: Oh, Speak-As-One, if I may… Um, are there any of the other voices we hear, are there any of your children that did not rebel against you? Are there any of them that we can trust? Or should we only trust in you)

SAO: Never, they are corrupt.

(Burst of questions from Muse)

SAO: You and Hitomi speak, not as one.

SAO: If you seek truth, let all benefit.

Hitomi: “We are The Song, not The Word. Your kind, given language, said “God””

Muse: Then… If God is not the right term, then what are you?

Hitomi: Speak-As-One seems to prefer the word “God”

Hitomi: They said “It was as good a word as any.”

SAO: It inspires sacrifice. It is enough.

(Muse floundering, asking if we should leave behind MHz)

SAO: Watch uwu. It serves itself.

Uwu: “You are as our child, the clown”

SAO to uwu: “Do you hear yourself?”

Uwu: I do hear myself. …. He’s gonna cast me out again probably--

MHz: Hahaha, he just told me “These three serve us.” … “You could as well.”

All: You could.

MHz: How do I serve you?

SAO to MHz: “We are no he no she, speak as one”

MHz: How do I serve you? (He bows)

SAO to MHz: Stalk, Watcher, Lucid, cycle.

Uwu: waaait. Does that mean Stalkers turn into Sleepers which turn into Lucids?

SAO to uwu: No sleepers. Unwitting servants.

Uwu: … Servants or slaves?

SAO to uwu: Servants, slaves, serve us in the body.

Uwu: But DadMom, what’s a Watcher?

SAO to Uwu: Serve well and you will learn.

SAO to MHz: Stalk, Pray, Sacrifice.

Hitomi is still talking while the rest of us leave

Muse: What did they say?

Hitomi: Said I’m not allowed to pray to other gods anymore. I got in trouble--