Player Interactions:Torture of Division

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Interaction Information

Date: April 9, 2020
Player(s): MaestroPyro, Aramahk, Breach, Bentarob
Interacted With: SPEAK-AS-ONE
Major details from the Interaction:

  • In an attempt to gather more unknowing followers SPEAK-AS-ONE attempts to coax some players into their ranks. Commenting on the chaos of division that leads to a tortured existence.
  • Maestro is left in the Maze by Bentarob and catches SAO's attention and he asks about HUNT-THE-STRONG's place in SAO's plan to which it is claimed SAO will cage the Beast.
  • Aramakh is tempted by SAO's offer, leading to discord in the team. Maestro is called false and caught.
  • After saving Maestro, the team leaves and is told SAO will be watching them.
  • After the mission the team was gifted three different Halos with no idea who was listening in.

Video of Interaction


No transcript provided.