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Please use this article and its discussion page to work on setting up your interactions and formatting them to be copied/pasted onto the Wiki's Interaction pages.

Parts of Your Interaction Post

1. Section Title: the player(s) name(s)

2. Body of Interaction: A template for you to copy and paste is provided on the Discussion page.

3. Sign the bottom of your post: Type ~~~~ to sign your name with the date.

Example Post

An example of a post formatted using the steps described above and the template found on the Discussion page:

===Interaction #3===
'''Date of Interaction:''' December 31, 2018

'''Link to Interaction:''' [ Transcript of Interaction]

'''Major Details:''' 
* ''MrMusicMan789'' sent a [[Rituals#Light of Rebellion|Light of Rebellion]] (LoR) to TID daring him to prove that his LoR would be heard by someone. It was responded to by TID, but TID also spoke with ''MrMusicMan789'' shortly after he sent in this ritual.
* TID explained that it was a similar dare that destroyed TID.
* TID also revealed that he knew of [[Isabela Madi-Shaw]] and that he ''"tried to free her"''.
* Bells apparently bore part of TID's name, and TID was not the only voice she heard.
* TID says he used to have many hosts, but had none at the time of speaking.


After Posting

The Community Administrators will review the interaction you posted and let you know (1) if it is formatted properly to go into the Interaction pages, and (2) when the interaction is added to the appropriate Voice's page.

Read All That?

Head to the Discussion page to get started.