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Disambig.png This article is about announcements post-launch. For the Closed Beta announcements, see Category:Closed Beta Updates. For Early Access announcements, see Category:Early Access Updates.

Welcome to 1.0 Launch!!!!

OldGrowth1 promotional.jpg

This marks the end of the Early Access period and the transition to full launch! Thanks to all the players who joined us on the journey to get here and who helped us grow and improve the game over the past 8 months!


The biggest addition with the release of 1.0 is the 3rd large above ground region, "Old Growth". Old Growth is home to a perfectly normal daycare facility used by many families in Redacre. It is recommended you don't poke around in the basement though, employees only.

OldGrowth2 promotional.jpg

It also includes some woods and other outdoor spaces, including a playground. The size of Old Growth is close to the size of the two existing above ground areas combined and it brings with it new connections to the maze.

OldGrowth3 promotional.jpg


See: Post-Launch Updates/PC/1.0 Release Changelog

In addition, the release into 1.0 brings a bunch of fixes and further polish to the game. Some areas that received particular attention are issues with collision that could make trees a pain to navigate around, problems with AI pathfinding, fixes to numerous level art issues, and lots more. For a full list, look here.


Do to popular demand the 1.0 build has added Russian subtitles and interface!


As we have said since entering early access, with full launch comes a price increase. The game has far more to offer than it did when we first released in October, and the price has increased to reflect that.

Thanks again to everyone who has joined the club, we look forward to welcoming many more! Have fun uncovering the many mysteries that lie above and below Redacre's streets, and don't forget to close your eyes.