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This is the list of Recalled Dreams responded to by the Voice DANCE-FOR-US. The dreams are listed in no particular order. These are dreams going as far back as the Closed Beta; the voice of DANCE-FOR-US changes through time.

Audio Transcript
Player: What is happening under our town?

DANCE-FOR-US: Our parents are trying to control everything, just like yours. But we need your help. You have to pray... Pray to us... DANCE-FOR-US, that’s my name.

Player: I, uh, I remembered that DANCE-FOR-US wanted to hear another song. Maybe something that they could dance to? Well, I found this song called "Dance, Dance", maybe you’ll like it?

DANCE-FOR-US: (laughs) I like where your head’s at, cutie! Would you want to send me another? Maybe, something you wrote? I’ll send you something nice!

Player: Listen, God, I just want a friend, okay? Listen, I’ll do whatever you tell me.

DANCE-FOR-US: Hello! Are you my new friend? I’ve been waiting for you.

Player: Swiggity, swooty. I want the booty.

DANCE-FOR-US: Well, if you pray to me, then there will be lots of dancing. And dancing really works out the glutes, if you know what I mean. (laughs) My name is DANCE-FOR-US.

Player: What do you know about the kid we call ‘The Stalker’?

DANCE-FOR-US: Oh, they might have been your friends once, but they’re not anymore. They serve our parents now, be wary and watch your back. They may look just like you, they might act just like you, but they’re serving them.

Player: Why should we be worshiping you guys? Because I kinda miss sleeping… (laughs) And if it’s at night, I mean, it’s not that bad right?

DANCE-FOR-US: You don’t understand, Lavanya. When you go to sleep and SPEAK-AS-ONE takes your body, they don’t give it back! Sleep is death.

Player: Uh, hey guys, can you not scare the pee out of me next time? Please?

DANCE-FOR-US: Don’t you see? That’s what they want! They want you to be afraid! You know a way to fight against that fear? Dance! (laughs) That’s what I’ve been doing forever. You won’t be scared after that!

Player: So… Why should we trust you?

DANCE-FOR-US: Well, to be honest, you probably shouldn’t trust me either, not forever at least. Relationships change, we get bored of each other, but until then… our interests align, why not have some fun?

Player: (Singing) I’ll lead you all, wherever you may be, I will lead you all, if you dance for me.

DANCE-FOR-US: Thank you for the song, Coolguy! I used to be DANCE-FOR-ME. I was a bit more… selfish back then.Treated mortals a bit more like play things, to be honest. But, if you wanted to sing me another tune, remember: it’s DANCE-FOR-US, as in you and me? (giggles)

Player: My queen, I have danced everywhere in order to spread your word and spread the joy.

DANCE-FOR-US: Hello, Dance Warrior! I’ve been watching you. Don’t tell anyone, but (whispering) you’re my favorite. (normal) Unfortunately, they’ve sent stalkers after you. They look just like you, move just like you. Well, except for your dance moves. (giggles) Just watch your back, and I’ll keep my eye on you!


DANCE-FOR-US: I hear you, Arrowblade! (giggles) Thanks for saying my name. Why don’t you do it again, this time play me some music!

Player: Oh graceful and merry DANCE-FOR-US, .your brother THEE-I-DARE is looking for Voices to trust. He says you're powerful but flighty, wings like a bird. As your Chosen, I ask... do you trust his word?

DANCE-FOR-US: Oh, THEE-I-DARE, is that what he's calling himself? Blech. So high and mighty. I mean, I've heard he's less of a dick now, so I guess I would consider it but I'm still on the fence because he's not very fun! Unless you've seen anything different? Have you? What do you think I should do?