Recalled Dreams/Damaged Voice

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This is the list of Recalled Dreams responded to by the Damaged Voice. The dreams are listed in no particular order.

Audio Transcript
Player: To THEE-I-DARE, I may've found who - who might've broken your sister... SPEAK-AS-ONE?

Damaged Voice: Snap... Harker? You found me. You say this speak-as...someone, hurt me? I have seen them. They pursue children. But they make others just like them. One mind. But the one that hurt me is different. Tore something out. Left me... this way. Keep looking. Please!

Player: THEE-I-DARE? Do you have a sister? Is that what the empty circle on the sacrifice wheel is? What's happening?[1]

Damaged Voice: Nikki. THEE-I-DARE tells me he is my brother. He has no voice. Something was done to him by the Sleeping God. He takes pity on me. Pity. I do not know why that word disgusts me? Whatever did this... to me, is different. Find my symbol. Find out who I was. Nikki. Please...

  1. When this ritual was submitted, SEED-THE-GRUDGE was not on the sacrifice list yet.