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Rituals are a special mechanic in The Blackout Club (game).

The altar where rituals are performed by TBC members.


Rituals are performed by members of The Blackout Club (Group) to send messages to The Voices in the ritual space. Currently, there is only one item that can be used to complete a ritual.

Players must be opted in to Enhanced Horror to submit a ritual.

Earning Ritual Items

Ritual items are awarded through the successful completion of missions back in the Hideout. Players will see a special Reward Crate containing their ritual item. These ritual items are awarded randomly, however, the more Bonus Evidence collected, the better chance a team has of earning a ritual item. It is possible for only some members of the group to receive a ritual item and not others, while it's also possible for a solo player to earn a ritual item too.

In the event the player already possesses a ritual item, a Humble Rock will be awarded instead.

Performing a Ritual

A Light of Rebellion placed on the altar.

To use a ritual item, perform the following steps. It's best to have in mind what you want to say before performing the ritual, as there is a chance other players may hear your ritual as a dream.

  1. Enter the ritual space in the Hideout.
  2. Walk up to the altar and select an item to place on the altar.
  3. Select which Voice receives your sacrifice.
  4. Step back a few feet and stand in the white box on the floor and face the altar.
  5. Close your eyes, speak your ritual. Players have 30 seconds to speak their ritual.

Ritual Items

The following item(s) can be used to complete rituals and contact a Voice:

Light of Rebellion

Light Of Rebellion Icon.png
"The Light of Rebellion is a flame that doesn't play by the rules. Maybe sacrificing it will please the gods."

Light of Rebellions expire after 5 days. If not used at the altar in the Hideout within 5 days, the Light of Rebellion will disappear from the players' inventory.

Ritual Uses

Players can say whatever they wish and chose which Voice should receive this message. Players often ask a question to a specific Voice in mind to learn more about a particular topic in the lore. Not all rituals are serious questions, however. Some players tell jokes to get the attention of LAUGH-LAST, other players used to send DANCE-FOR-US music per her request when she was alive, SPEAK-AS-ONE followers use rituals to destroy Name Fragments, and etc.

It is important to note: rituals are not guaranteed a response.


  • In the early Beta builds of the game, an additional Ritual Item existed. The Bucket of Truth, a metal pail, could also be sacrificed to the Voices. At the time of the Bucket of Truth's existence, the ritual system was very different - no particular Voice could be selected when submitting the ritual, and the difference between the Bucket of Truth and the Light of Rebellion was not known. The Bucket of Truth was removed from the game before the Beta ended.
  • Also in the beta, it was possible to hold multiple Light of Rebellions.