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Voice Sample

SPEAK-AS-ONE is one of the Voices in The Blackout Club (game).


They're the enemy. If I do this I can't tell the club. I can't tell anyone.
~ Anonymous on SPEAK-AS-ONE's Sacrifice Quote

SPEAK-AS-ONE, also known by their acronym SAO seem to represent the ideas of unity and order. They can be sacrificed to and sent prayers if the player has the Light of Rebellion. They have also been known to speak and mess with club members during their missions. SAO is also known to communicate with Stalkers as they attempt to record evidence of Club members.

It is strongly believe that SAO tried to destroy fellow Voice, THEE-I-DARE, after the latter supposedly rose up and rebelled against them. While the full details are not known, THEE-I-DARE is still alive and still makes contact with The Blackout Club members. Since the rebellion, SAO has gained a further hold on Redacre, using its residents to carry out their unknown plan. They've become quite annoyed by The Blackout Club's efforts to stop them and have had their followers keep track of The Blackout Club's progress. Some of the club members have secretly begun to ally themselves with SAO and have taken the role of Stalker.

Known Followers

Known followers and allies of SPEAK-AS-ONE.

Player Interactions

Players' reported experiences with SPEAK-AS-ONE in missions during the Beta and Early Access.

See: SPEAK-AS-ONE/Beta & EA Player Interactions

Players' reported experiences with SPEAK-AS-ONE in missions after the game's July 2019 launch.

See: SPEAK-AS-ONE/Player Interactions


SPEAK-AS-ONE has responded to some players' rituals, heard as dreams when returning to the Hideout after successfully completing a mission.

See: Recalled Dreams/SPEAK-AS-ONE


  • SPEAK-AS-ONE is the only Voice with a red icon on the sacrifice and ritual lists. All the other known Voices have white icons.