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This page was to document interactions between the Voice, SPEAK-AS-ONE and players after the launch of The Blackout Club (game).


SA1 Game interaction

Date of Interaction: August 03, 2019

Link to Interaction: Video of Interaction

Major Details:

  • SA1 messages Oggie, claiming that he is a follower of the death god and leaving vague threats
  • SA1 begins to harass another Blackout club member, who mistakes SA1 for IHT
  • Oggie takes the opportunity to ask if the parents of Redacre are being manipulated into moving there
  • SA1 claims that the heads of houses want to, even if their spouses resist
  • SA1 sends a final threat and goes quiet as the team runs to the exit


Date of Interaction: August 06, 2019

Link to Interaction: Transcript of Interaction

Major Details:

  • SAO messaged Kirby after him renouncing SAO and returning to IHT
  • SAO claimed that the "Death Fetishist" (IHT) does not care about Kirby
  • After Claiming they know things Kirby doesn't know about, SAO sends the shape on Kirby
  • SAO contacted other members of the team to tell them to run home with "the traitor Kirby", and saying everyone betraying them will pay.
  • Kirby managed to escape despite having enemies being aware of his position at all times


SAO Visits Randomly

Date of Interaction: August 10, 2019

Link to Interaction: Transcript of Interaction

Major Details:

  • Speak-As-One refers to kids by their names as otherwise they would not listen, due to "THE CURSE OF THE SELF".
  • Claims that no peace can occur because of their siblings opposing them. Says that many people have tried to play both sides, but now "THEY ALL SERVE."
  • Says the Shape is definitely the invisible thing that lucids refer to, and not a potential second entity. Says the Shape passes judgement on who is redeemable or not.
  • Says Thee-I-Dare is a mutant and should not exist.
  • Says they once allied with someone who asked endless questions like Ruby, presumably The-Measured-Cuts, but that it did not work out.

SAO Memeing

Date of Interaction: August 25, 2019

Links to Interaction: Transcript of Interaction; Video of Interaction

Major Details:

  • Says there can never be peace with The Adversary, aka TID.
  • Says they do not fear going mad because "WE ARE SANITY. WE ARE PEACE.", "WE FEAR NO SUCH DISARRAY."
  • In general was having fun causing Cobra to get shaped.

Arabella (Demon's Muse)

LoR Driven Interaction

Date of Interaction: September 20, 2019

Link to Interaction: Transcript of Interaction

Major Details:

  • Demon's Muse sent a LoR to SAO reporting DANCE-FOR-US speaking to her briefly.
  • Muse reports the purpose of the "Record Behavior" mission; to look into a lost Voice. SAO states this is unusual for her, as she doesn't care for the past.
  • SAO claims the Lost Voice must be either an asset to DFU or DFU fears she has been lied to by the living voices and seeks a dead one for truth.
  • Muse mentions that it could have something to do with THEE-I-DARE because his hosts were not speaking to him and he seems to have forgotten something important regarding the "Nameless". They agree it could be a possibility.
  • SAO States that DFU "seeks entertainment" and "the old tongue fascinates her."
  • When asked if it was "out of character" for DFU to investigate a Voice's death, SAO claims that her entertainment-seeking ways are very similar to curiosity. She could merely be curious.
  • DFU stopped making people dance to death when her name changed from "DANCE-FOR-ME" to "DANCE-FOR-US."
  • SAO states that Name Fragments are "a stain in more than name" when Muse remarks that keeping them for a long time made her feel gross.

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