Sleeper Lockers

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The Sleeper Lockers is a section in the Maze.

Sleeper Lockers
Sleeper Lockers
Connects to
Red Doors
Level Unlocked

Description[edit | edit source]

The Sleeper Lockers is a small room located within the Maze. The room is filled with various lockers, littered with steel pipes and beams going across the ceiling, which makes it easy to climb. The room frequently blinks with a bright red light, which bleeds into the hallway to Ingestion due to the large glass windows. It's possible to see what is going on through these windows.

The Sleeper Lockers can be accessed in about three ways. There is a hole near the ceiling of the lockers, where players can leap and climb into from Ingestion, to which they can use to slowly descend down into the room. There is a door that is always locked which can be unlocked with a Lockpick, close to where the entrance of Nerve Center is. There are also a collection of four hatches that lead down via adder, which all lead to the lowest floor of the Nerve Center.

In the wall opposite upon entering from Ingestion, there is a single Red Door.

Notable Finds[edit | edit source]

2 Name Fragments

Tunnel #1 Tunnel #2

Gallery[edit | edit source]