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Somniloquy are two sections in the Maze.

Red Doors
Level Unlocked

Description[edit | edit source]

Somniloquy are a set of two sound insulated rooms both located on either side of the Plexus. Both rooms are centered around a glass chamber which appears to be carrying some sort of gas. The structure and appearance of the two rooms are mirror images of each other. When facing the entrance of the Plexus from the Nerve center, the Somniloquy on the left leads to the projection section of Subliminal Media through a small hole under some scaffolding , allowing the player to drop from the ceiling directly into the room. The Somniloquy on the right leads to Dream Therapy and has a small hole that leads to the lower level of the Plexus.

There are 3 Red Doors across both Somniloquy locations.

Notable Finds[edit | edit source]

1 Name Fragment

Western Somniloquy
Central Pillar

Gallery[edit | edit source]