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A suppressed player as seen in game.

Being Suppressed is a gameplay mechanic in the Blackout Club.

Description[edit | edit source]

The Suppressed Icon

Suppressed is a state the player character enters when grabbed by the Shape or by other means like falling off the map or coming too close to a Sonic Fence. Being suppressed is essentially hypnotizing your character and taking away your control. You will begin walking aimlessly around the map and act like a Lucid holding your Smartphone out with its flashlight on, and will report any of the Kids you see. An icon will be visible over the suppressed player's head resembling a sleeping face with an eye symbol on the forehead. Players with suppressed characters can now spectate all other players in the match through a third-person point-of-view.

Players can bring back suppressed teammates by getting a certain distance and clicking the revive prompt. Suppressed players, however, will run away if they see teammates near them and call out such that nearby enemies will converge on the location. Suppressed players can also be spooked by a teammate's Drone if they see them. Suppressed players may run up to a nearby Sleeper or Lucid to alert them. The suppressed player might also stand by a Red Door.

A player spectating other players in a 3rd person point of view.

It's ideal to approach these suppressed players from behind or from the shadows where you cannot be easily seen and to grab them before they have a chance to call out or run away. Certain items can be used on suppressed teammates to stun them and make it easier to revive them. Throwing a Flash Bang, Foam Grenade, using a Sleep Tripwire, shocking them with a Stun Gun, shooting/stabbing them with a Tranquilizer Dart, or even throwing a Grappling Hook at them will all temporarily stun a teammate without hurting them, allowing an opportunity to rescue them.

A player can be suppressed two times. The third time a player is caught and suppressed, they die. Players who die cannot be revived and remain in the third person POV of other players for the remainder of the mission. Their body can be picked up and moved around by other club members. If all players in the match are suppressed or die, the mission will fail.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • There is a hidden achievement called "...But Not Forgotten" which can only be attainable when a player dies after being suppressed for the third time.
  • Jumping from a height onto a suppressed teammate and hitting the Revive prompt before hitting the ground can negate fall damage.
  • Suppressed TBC members will kneel when the Shape is present.
  • Sometimes suppressed player characters do have idle dialogue when suppressed, though the lines are very rare.
  • When rescuing teammates from being suppressed, the suppressed player's eyes can be seen vibrating intensely and stabilize as they're brought back.