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Surfaces are a gameplay element in The Blackout Club (game).

Descriptions[edit | edit source]

Noise indication on as seen on the HUD

In the game, there are various different types of surfaces. As making noise is an important aspect in the gameplay, there are various types of surfaces that make different levels of sound depending on what gait the player is in. A player can tell how much noise they're making on a surface by looking at the eye on their HUD. The more sound waves are visible, the more noise the player makes. One sound wave is quiet, two sound waves are noisy, while three sound waves is loud.

For any surface, crouching-walking is the quietest, walking is noisy, and sprinting & jumping is the loudest. The type of surface also dictates the amount of damage and noise a player generates when falling from a height. Jumping and falling always makes three bars of noise regardless of the surface. Carrying a body, whether it be a body of a deceased teammate or an unconscious body of an enemy, will always generate three sound waves (loud) on a hard surface per step or one sound wave per step on a soft surface (quiet). Climbing a ladder, climbing a ledge, or vaulting will cause no sound regardless of the surface. A Noisemaker and a Drone beep will make three sound waves (loud) at their location. Placing a TBC Yard sign, planting an Audio Bug, and cleaning up blood will also cause three sound waves (loud). Touching rebar in the Maze will make three sound waves (loud) at the location it was touched.

An audio cue will play when a player or a teammate makes noise and the noise alerts a nearby enemy. Paying attention to the enemy's dialogue will also reveal how much they understand the noise they just heard. The iris of the HUD icon will also indicate when an enemy is alerted by the noise you produce. Using the Hacker Major Power, players can use Prank Caller (and the upgrade War Dial) to temporarily deafen the pranked Sleeper and Lucid, making it so they can't hear most noises around them, though getting close or making too much noise will snap them out of the call.

With a Foam Grenade, players can foam a patch of ground to make any surface into a soft surface that also negates fall damage when landing on the foam. Players can also negate noise made by a fall's impact by crouching-walking off the edge instead of walking, jumping, or running off. When jumping or falling, if a player can grab a ledge, a ladder, revive a suppressed teammate, or Takedown an enemy before hitting the ground, they can negate generating noise and fall damage even if they fall from an extreme height.

Stealth[edit | edit source]

It is important to be mindful of the noise generated on surfaces as noise is the means of detection by Sleepers. Sleepers will use noise to locate players' positions. Oftentimes, after alerting a Sleeper, the player can stand still and the Sleeper will fall back to their idle state after a few seconds. If the Sleeper begins to walk towards the player, they can remain still and it is possible for the Sleeper to stop short of the player's position before returning to their idle state. It is not a natural instinct to most players, however, to stay still when detected. Players will often walk or even run away from the Sleeper that detects them which ends up creating more noise that the Sleeper hears and uses to pinpoint the player's precise location. The Sleeper goes to "attack" and charges after the player's last pinpointed location as sin is generated as well from this detection.

Players can use differences in material, changes in elevation (ladders, boxes, the Grappling Hook, etc.), Foam Grenades, and other means to remain stealthy when detected on surfaces that produce louder sounds. Another way to minimize sound is to crouch walk off an elevated surface instead of jumping or walking off, as sometimes when the elevation isn't too high, it will negate any impact noise and fall damage.

Surface Types[edit | edit source]

There are two general types of surfaces in The Blackout Club (game): hard surfaces and soft surfaces.

Hard Surfaces[edit | edit source]

Hard surfaces will make noise no matter what gait the player is in, even when crouching-walking. Falling from a height onto a hard surface will cause more fall damage. Hard Surfaces will at most cause three sound waves when sprinting (loud), two waves while walking (noisy), and one sound wave while crouching (quiet).

  • Asphalt
  • Concrete
  • Cave Surfaces
  • Dirt
  • Gravel - Although a hard surface, Gravel only produces one sound wave when either crouch walking or walking and will produce three sound waves when running. This is the only surface to be like this. This is only limited to the rooftop of the Old Growth Daycare Center.
  • Metal Surfaces
  • Playground Mulch
  • Roof Tiles
  • Wooden Surfaces

Soft Surfaces[edit | edit source]

Soft surfaces make less noise in general and make no noise at all when crouching-walking. Falling from a height onto a soft surface will cause less fall damage. Soft surfaces at most will cause two sound waves when sprinting (noisy), one sound wave while walking (quiet) and no sound while crouching (silent).

  • Acoustic Foam
  • Carpet
  • Foamed Ground
  • Grass
  • Hedge Leaves
  • Rugs

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Despite being a soft surface, beds still make noise when the player is crouch-walking on it and makes a sound as if the player is walking on a wooden or tiled surface; however a few select beds do have a 'soft surface'.
  • Even though climbing, going up ladders, or vaulting will cause some noise, the developers opted to make the action silent, as it is unfair to cause audible noise when the player cannot control their speed doing these actions, and thus the sound produced.