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Past Name(s)
Gwen, R. Giménez, Unnamed Scientist
Voice Sample

THE-MEASURE-CUTS is one of the Voices in The Blackout Club (game).


I remember bawling like a baby, nose running, you know... screaming something like 'no such thing as ghosts, or demons! You're just stupid noises in my stupid head.' Then one of them said: 'I agree'.
~ R. Giménez on Sacrifice Quote

THE-MEASURE-CUTS, also known by their acronym TMC, can be sacrificed to and sent prayers if the player has the Light of Rebellion. They seem to represent knowledge, realism, and precision. TMC's symbol appears as a blade cutting two items in half; it is also strongly reminiscent of a butterfly.

In a response to a ritual when ask what his most important problem was, TMC explained it was "my family, the voices". TMC elaborated on this answer further, explaining how players see each voice as the form of a "god", but TMC considers the voices as a "complex". The other Voices, TMC says, "will take a dim view of this answer". TMC concluded his reply by stating that his primary concern is that there are "too many of us [Voices], and too few of you [the Kids]." [1]

THE-MEASURE-CUTS is known to observe players for long periods of time before reaching out, as commented by both SPEAK-AS-ONE and THEE-I-DARE in player interactions.[2][3]


Before the Game


Player Interactions

Players' reported experiences with THE-MEASURE-CUTS in missions:

See: THE-MEASURE-CUTS Interactions


THE-MEASURE-CUTS has responded to some players' rituals, heard as dreams when returning to the Hideout after successfully completing a mission.

See: Recalled Dreams/THE-MEASURE-CUTS



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