THE-MEASURE-CUTS/Beta & EA Player Interactions

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This page is to document interactions between the Voice, THE-MEASURE-CUTS and players during the Closed Beta and Early Access. Interactions with evidence should be linked appropriately.


"Host" Mention

Date of Interaction: December 2018

Link to Interaction: Transcript of Interaction

Major Details:

  • MrMusicMan789 is not host to TID, but "host to another" who "has been with [him] all [his] life"
  • TID informs MusicMan789 that this Voice is "stubborn but precise"
  • TID tells MrMusicMan789 that "none have yet heard his name" - at the time of this conversation, only the Voices TID, DFU, LL, SAO, and IHT were known.
  • It was in February 2019 when MrMusicMan789 realized that TID was possibly speaking about THE-MEASURE-CUTS, who did not reveal themselves until the end of January 2019.

"Host" Confirmation

Date of Interaction: March 10, 2019

Link to Interaction: Transcript of Interaction

Major Details:

  • After realizing this host was likely TMC, MrMusicMan789 had a short conversation with TID while TID appeared in-game to speak with another player.
  • MrMusicMan789 asked TID if he was host to TMC, and TID confirmed this to be true based on TID's understanding of the player. This appears to be one of the earliest instances where a player has been told they are a "host" to a Voice.