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Alive (Fragmented)
Voice Sample

THEE-I-DARE is one of the Voices in The Blackout Club (game).


Dad tore my ear off, said I should never sneak out again, etc. But some new... voice, said, hey - dare you to do it anyway.
~ I. Madi-Shaw on THEE-I-DARE's Sacrifice Quote

THEE-I-DARE, also known by their acronym TID, seems to represent the idea of taking risks, daring oneself to challenges, and rebellion. He can be sacrificed to and sent prayers if the player has the Light of Rebellion. He has also been known to speak to the club members during missions.

He was destroyed by the fellow Voice, SPEAK-AS-ONE, after he rose to rebel against them. After this, his name (his livelihood) fell into pieces and fragments of his name were scattered all throughout Redacre. His Hosts were also destroyed in the "Great Cull" decades ago. Some members of The Blackout Club have started collecting pieces of his name to put him back together, however some give the name fragments to SPEAK-AS-ONE to be destroyed.

In the present build, according to DIE-FOR-YOU, THEE-I-DARE has struck up an allegiance with them.

Known Followers

The known followers of THEE-I-DARE.

Player Interactions

Players' reported experiences with THEE-I-DARE in missions during the Beta and Early Access.

See: THEE-I-DARE/Beta & EA Player Interactions

Players' reported experiences with THEE-I-DARE in missions after the game's July 2019 launch.

See: THEE-I-DARE/Player Interactions


THEE-I-DARE has responded to some players' rituals, heard as dreams when returning to the Hideout after successfully completing a mission.

See: Recalled Dreams/THEE-I-DARE


  • The 'THEE' part of TID's name is the archaic form of 'you' meaning that THEE-I-DARE, translates to 'You, I dare'
  • It's implied through the sacrifice quote for THEE-I-DARE, that Bells was a follower of him and that he dared her to venture out after curfew even after being scolded by her father.
  • THEE-I-DARE has stated in at least one interaction that his hosts "choose him", rather than him making the choice for them.[1]
  • THEE-I-DARE's makers call him "the Adversary".[2]
  • THEE-I-DARE is the only one of the Voices to speak backwards. All the rest of the voices can be heard normally.


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