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General Formatting

Article titles should follow a general naming convention:

  • Article titles should be in the singular form. Categories describing multiple items such as Field Items and Hero Items are exceptions.
  • If the article is about multiple things in the game, the title should equally represent all the titles.
    • E.g. The location page for Somniloquy is a single page despite there being two near-identical rooms called Somniloquy.
  • Articles that begin with the word "The" (e.g. "The Barracks") must include the magic word {{DEFAULTSORT: [Title]}} at the very bottom of the article code below the categories. After the colon is the title of the article without the word "The". This allows the page to be ordered correctly in categories and other lists that sort by name.
    • These pages may have a redirect created for the name without the word "The".
    • E.g. "The Barracks" has {{DEFAULTSORT: Barracks}} so it appears under the B in categories and lists.
    • E.g. "The Shape" has {{DEFAULTSORT: Shape}} so it appears under the S in categories and lists.
  • All titles, with the exception of the Voices or other names deviating from this style in game, should follow Title Case, a mixed-case style where all words are capitalized.



  • Articles about locations should use the exact the nomenclature of the game, e.g. "The Barracks", rather than "Barracks" or "The Barrack".
  • Redirects for alternate versions of the name are not allowed (e.g. do not create a redirect "Locker Room" for "Sleeper Lockers").


  • Articles about characters should contain the first and (if known) last names.
  • The article title should use the game's common form of the name. For example, Gwen's real name is Gwenna, though she is almost entirely referred to as the former by other characters.
  • These articles should pertain to a single character as should their titles. Exception exist for characters who cannot be individually identified like The Whisper Twins).

The Voices

  • Articles about the Voices should use the full name, like "SPEAK-AS-ONE", "THEE-I-DARE".
  • Voice article titles should follow ALL CAPS for the Voice's name like they are in-game.