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The Blackout Club Wiki Style Guide
This article is part of the TBC Wiki Style Guide. Use the Discussion page to discuss this article's content.

Categories are intended to group together articles on similar subjects. Categories help users find and navigate articles of similar content and subject area within the Namespaces on the Wiki. Categories can also have sub-categories to group more specific topics together within the main group. When viewing a category, articles titles will be listed in alphabetical order below the list of subcategories. Most of categories on the Wiki are applied manually at the bottom of the article below the major content. Some categories may be applied through transclusion when a template is used on an article.

Before adding a category to an article, it is advised to check the category's description to ensure the article fits the criteria to be included in the category.

List of Categories

You can see the list of all categories in the wiki and the articles in each category here: Special:Categories

Common Categories

Some of the most common categories and subcategories that are used on Wiki articles:

Category:Characters, used on articles pertaining to characters in the game.
⮡   Category:The Blackout Club Members, used for articles pertaining to members of The Blackout Club.
Category:Locations, used on articles pertaining to areas in the game.
⮡   Category:Maze Locations, used for articles about locations in the Maze.
⮡   Category:Surface Locations, used for articles about locations on the surface of Redacre.
Category:Items, used on articles pertaining to items in the game.
⮡   Category:Hero Items, for articles about Hero Items.
⮡   Category:Field Items, for articles about Field Items.

Template-Applied Categories

Some templates on the Wiki apply categories when they are transcluded on an article. For example, when the Template:WIP is added to an article with {{WIP}}, the category Article WIP is automatically added to the article and is listed in the articles within the category. Categories applied through templates will not be listed in the Source Editor with the other categories as the category is set in the template's code directly. If there is a problem with a category applied by a template, use the template's discussion article to let a Community Admin know.

The template that creates the navigation box at the bottom of this article, for example, adds the Category:Style Guide to any article that calls on this template to include the navigation box.

Adding Categories

Articles can have categories added to them by typing [[Category: (name) ]] and replace (name) with the category title to be applied to the article..

Categories should be listed at the bottom of the article in the last section with the other categories already applied to the article.

Linking to a Category

Sometimes it's best to link to a category rather than an article, for example, Category:The Voices, to show all the articles pertaining to a particular subject. In these cases, the formatting is similar to adding a category to an article but with the addition of a colon, : before the word "Category". It's possible when linking to a category to rename the link so it appears as specific text. Use the pipe character, | followed by the name desired for the category link. For more information on linking, see: Links.

[[:Category: (name) | optional link rename ]]

Viewing Categories

At the bottom of an article will be the list of categories. Click on the name of the category listed to view that category's page and see the subcategories and articles. On this page here, the category is Style Guide. When clicked, it will show the Style Guide category and all the articles in this group.