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The Blackout Club Wiki Style Guide
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The following page describes basic details and suggestions when editing and contributing to articles pertaining to characters.

See also: References


This section of article describes the character's behavior, traits, and other details regarding their personality. This includes details on how the character behaves in the Prologue and/or in missions, as well as qualities as described in the Journals. Can also be used to describe how a character might act in the face of danger, their friendships with club members and other characters, and include details that describes this character's overall personality.


This section is used to describe the physical features of the character if visible in the Prologue or in missions. This includes skin color, hair type and color, and clothing.


Early Life

This section describes events that happened before The Blackout Club (game) to this character. This can include early school history, when friendships started, etc. This information should be referenced where possible to support these claims.


This section describes events that happened during the events of The Blackout Club (game) to this character. This can include information from Journals and details learned from Player Interactions with the Voices. The source of this information should be referenced.


  • A list of points describing interesting pieces of information. These details should be interesting and common for most player experiences.
  • These points should be referenced where possible.