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The Blackout Club Wiki Style Guide
This article is part of the TBC Wiki Style Guide. Use the Discussion page to discuss this article's content.

The following page describes basic details and suggestions when editing and contributing to articles pertaining to The Voices.

See also: References


This section of article includes the Voice's sacrifice quote followed by details about the Voice related to its behavior with players, relations with other Voices, and other qualities learned about the Voice. The information in this section should be referenced appropriately.

Known Followers

A bulleted list of known followers of the particular Voice. Only in-game Characters are listed - players are not included in this list. The information in this section should be referenced appropriately.

Player Interactions

A special template (in most cases) used to automatically generate the sentences and links.


  • A list of points describing interesting pieces of information. These details should be interesting and common for most player experiences.
  • These points should be referenced where possible.


The list of references used in the article about the Voice. Nothing needs to be done in this section.