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The Blackout Club Wiki Style Guide
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The following page describes basic details and suggestions when editing and contributing to articles pertaining to the Wardrobe subpages.

See also: The Blackout Club Wiki:Style Guide/Files/Images

It is important to note that the gallery syntax should not be modified in any of the subpages per the TBC Wiki Rules.

Images in the galleries are cropped to the edge of the white border of the item's store listing to provide a consistent look.

General (Item)

The collection of items that are purchasable through the store in the Wardrobe using Snacks.

Each major type of item in the group (e.g. in tops, Army Jacket, Baseball Jacket, etc.) will be its own Subheading with its own gallery of images for the particular item.

Exclusive (Item)

The collection of items that can only be obtained through certain tasks, events or mysterious circumstances.

Premium Content

Exclusive items that can only be obtained through DLC. Each DLC package is its own subheading.