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The Blackout Club Wiki Style Guide
This article is part of the TBC Wiki Style Guide. Use the Discussion page to discuss this article's content.

This article describes the basics of writing style used across the articles in The Blackout Club Wiki.

Writing Style

As this Wiki's purpose is to document the facts about The Blackout Club (game). Writing should remain objective and speculation-free.

Articles in the main namespace should always be written in the third-person perspective and without terms referential to the reader. For example, instead of "You should...", the suggested alternative is to say "The player can...".

Objective Writing

See also: Objectivity

The Blackout Club Wiki relies on editors to write objectively without personal bias or opinions influencing its many readers. This relies on editors contributing information and facts presented in the game in such a way that readers may determine their own opinions on subjects without editorial influence. For example, the following is not written objectively and would be removed or reverted if present in an article:

SPEAK-AS-ONE is the villain, causing all the problems in Redacre, and wants to destroy THEE-I-DARE. The TBC kids should destroy SAO.

However, with some careful edits, it is possible to maintain the core pieces of information but remove the bias:

It is strongly believe that SAO tried to destroy fellow Voice, THEE-I-DARE, after the latter supposedly rose up and rebelled against them. Sleepers and Lucids often refer to SPEAK-AS-ONE, and it is believed SAO is responsible for what is happening to the adults in Redacre and some club members wish to end SAO's influence in their town.

The Wiki staff understands there is a great divide in opinions based on the various Voice(s) that players support, but it is crucial for the Wiki's reputation that information reported on the site is bias-free. Readers should be presented with all the facts so they can make their own determination on the topic.


Speculative writing should be avoided entirely in articles. The only place where speculation is permitted is on pages that contain the Speculation header such as the player interaction pages (See: Wiki Rules for more information).