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Disambig.png This article is about layout specifics on Character articles. For basic details on Character formatting, see The Blackout Club Wiki:Style Guide/Article Style/Characters.

Template-info.png Documentation

This article template is specifically for characters described in The Blackout Club Wiki.

Templates - Top of Article


This template may be required depending on the contents of the article.


Fill as many fields as possible. Fields with no known value should be left blank, however, it is also acceptable to have "Unknown".

{{CharacterInfobox|Image=  |Gender=  |Aliases=  |Status=  |Age=  |Voiced by=  }}

Introductory Description

A short, concise description with the first mention of the character's name in bold.

Characters without nicknames
(Character Name) is a character in {{TBCgame}}.
Characters with nicknames
(Character Name), better known by his/her/their nickname, (nickname), is a character in {{TBCgame}}.

Main Article

This is the structure of character articles. The following lists the specific section heads and their leveling, as well as the type of content that belongs in each section.

Paragraph(s) describing the character and their particular traits and behavior.

Description of the character's physical appearance. Only for characters that physically appear in the game.
Characters mentioned only in Journals do not have this section. 

===Early Life===
Describing the character's life before the events of the game.

Describing the character's involvement in the events of the game.

* Points describing interesting pieces of information about the character.

<references />


  • Characters do not have galleries because there are very few instances of their physical appearance in-game.
  • The references section should be included in all articles even if there are no cited sources currently. This section automatically generates a list of referenced works at the location of the <references /> code when sources are cited in the article.

Templates - Bottom of Article


This template should appear below the last trivia point with one line break of space between.


The following category should be included at the very bottom of every character article:


Additional categories may also be applied depending on the subject of the article:

  • [[Category:The Blackout Club Members]] - characters who are members of The Blackout Club.
  • [[Category:Playable Characters]] - characters who can be controlled by the player during the Prologue or in missions.
  • [[Category:Enemies]] - characters who are enemies to The Blackout Club.

Additional Notes

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