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Disambig.png This article is about layout specifics for Hero Item articles. For basic details on Hero Item formatting, see The Blackout Club Wiki:Style Guide/Article Style/Hero Items.

Template-info.png Documentation

This article template is specifically for Hero Items described in The Blackout Club Wiki.

Templates - Top of Article

There are currently no templates placed at the top of Hero Item articles.


Fill as many fields as possible. Fields with no known value should be left blank, however, it is also acceptable to have "Unknown".

HI Infobox:
{{HI Infobox|Image= |Type= |Features= |Max Quantity= }}

The Type field is used to describe how the item is used. Any of the following words may be used to describe the item, separated by a comma:

  • Close-Range
  • Defensive
  • Escape Item
  • Exploratory
  • Offensive
  • Passive
  • Ranged

The Features field is used to describe unique capabilities of the item and its primary use(s).

The Image field is for the Hero Item's icon.

The Max Quantity field is for a numerical input that describes the maximum number of the particular item a player may hold in their inventory. Currently, all Hero Items have a max quantity of 1.

Introductory Description

A short, concise description with the first mention of the item's name in bold.

The '''(item name)''' is one of the [[Hero Items]] found in [[missions]].

Main Article

This is the structure of Hero Item articles. The following lists the specific section heads and their leveling, as well as the type of content that belongs in each section.

The in-game description, followed by additional details about the item's appearance, effect on Club members or enemies, ammo type (if applicable), recharge duration (if applicable), and its basic use(s).

'''Default Controls:''' (control + description of action)

Paragraph(s) on the general uses of the item and hot it can be used to benefit Club members and/or impair enemies. Avoid mention of specific instances and actions - focus on the general and most-important uses.  

* Points describing interesting pieces of information about the Hero Item.

<references />


  • Hero Items do not have galleries.
  • The references section should be included in all articles even if there are no cited sources currently. This section automatically generates a list of referenced works at the location of the <references /> code when sources are cited in the article.

Templates - Bottom of Article

{{HeroItem Nav}}

This template should appear below the last trivia point with one line breaks of space between.


The following category should be included at the very bottom of every Hero Item article:

[[Category:Hero Items]]

An additional category may also be applied depending on the item:

  • [[Category:Escape Items]] - items that can allow players to escape being dragged.

Additional Notes

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